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Big Red Barrelcast 85: The Pacman Experience

On this week’s episode, Kev, Dave, Pacman to blabber on about Zombie Army Trilogy, Pacman’s kitty and Handsome things.

Battlefield Hardline: Live – Get a Piece of the Action

EA have launched a competition to help promote Battlefield Hardline, giving entrants the chance to win £10,000. For more information, check out the site for Battlefield Hardline: Live (#BFHardlineLive) Here.

Battlefield 4: The Past, Present and Future

Battlefield 4 has had a shaky life cycle. With Battlefield: Hardline upon us, Jamie takes a retrospective look back at BF4 and outlines the future too.

Battlefield: Hardline @ EGX

Jamie went hands on with Battlefield: Hardline at EGX this past weekend and walked away quietly optimistic but also a little bit concerned about the game.

gamescom 2014: EA Press Conference

EA have plenty of games for us to be looking forward to this year and next. They are clearly hoping this week’s gamescom press conference will entice us further.

BRB UK 111: Mariachifield

What ho, pip-pip and good morrow – it’s that time of the week again. Join Dan, Jon and Tim as they navigate through the tricky waters of the latest batch of video game news.

Battlefield Hardline: In Need of a Reality Check

Visceral’s take on the Battlefield series plays just as we expected it to. But should cops and robbers play the same way as armies of soldiers?

BRB UK 105: Luigi Death Stare

Dan makes way for Dave The American in this week’s refreshingly summery episode of BRB UK.

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