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Batman: The Telltale Series – Nintendo Switch Trailer

After the recent bad news from Telltale Games, it’s time for some good news. Batman: The Telltale Series will launch on Nintendo Switch on 14th November in North America and 17th November in Europe and Australia. The full first season will be available both digitally and at retail.

BRB UK 224: For Gryffindor

Coleman, Tim & Alex head up BRB UK this week to talk about The Little Acre, Overwatch, Telltale’s Batman & Infinite Warfare.

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Five Trailer

The final episode in Telltale’s Batman series arrives this week. Episode 5 City of Light concludes the caped crusaders story after we’ve seen in brought low by his enemies. The last part of the story will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 starting Tuesday 13th December.

BRB UK 217: We Love Titanfall 2!

On the eve of another Extra Life 24-hour live stream, Coleman & Tim take the helm of BRB UK to talk Titanfall 2.

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Three Trailer

Batman: The Telltale Series is now well into its stride. All of the characters are in place and it’s up to you how things turn out. New World Order sees Penguin’s rise continue as Harvey changes into a different man. The new episode releases on 25th October.

BRB UK 214: Virtual Git Rump

This week’s episode of BRB UK brings you Dan, Coleman & Tim having a good old natter about PlayStation VR & WWE 2K17.

Batman: The Telltale Series – Episode Two Trailer

Telltale’s take on Batman started with an impressive first episode. Episode two, Children of Arkham, is about to drop and go further into the Wayne conspiracy. The episode goes live on 20th September.

Big Release Roundup w/c August 1st 2016

Running down the biggest video game releases for the week of the 1st August. Click to Subscribe ►

BRB UK 202: Subnaughtycar

It’s Coleman, Tim & Kev firing up the mics for this week’s BigRedBarrel UK Podcast, to talk Pokémon Go, Subnautica, Ghostbusters and more.

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