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BRB UK 324: SoujaGame, We Hardly Knew Ye

Big Crown Showdown, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Mutant Football League on BRB UK

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Kassandra Gamescom 2018 Trailer

Now set in ancient Greece, Assassin’s Creed travels back to 431 BCE, exploring the Peloponnesian War while blending in a few mythical characters also – bring on that sexy Minotaur! Shown off during this year’s Gamescom event, this new video from Ubisoft shows off one of the new protagonists, Kassandra and her ability to kick all of the arse. […]

Review: Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Hidden Ones

Ian heads back to Egypt to discover the origins of The First Order and The Hidden Ones.

BRB Boom 92: Contumacious Chicken Head

Dogsdie, Smelly and Yoshifett all bring you a new episode of the Boom to see you through the end fo the year.

BRB UK 244: Destiny’s Done A Number 2

There’s Farpoint, Seasons After Fall and of course, loads of Destiny 2 on this week’s BRB UK.

BRB UK 236: No Naan’s Rye

On this week’s episode of BRB UK, there’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, Eagle Flight, Sonic Forces, Destiny 2 and more.

Assassin’s Creed – Official Trailer

Video game movies are rarely good but Assassin’s Creed has probably the best chance so far to succeed. Not only does it star Academy Award nominee Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose), it is also being directed by Justin Kurzel, the man behind Snowtown and Macbeth. […]

Assassin’s Creed – Official Trailer

The first trailer for Assassin’s Creed has been released, featuring Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch, a man who experiences the life of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain using the mysterious Aminus. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society known as the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on […]

BRB UK 183: Uncle Grippy Loves the Dark Zone

There’s so much content in this week’s episode of the BRB UK that we can’t even come up with a description without running out of space!

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