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Armored Warfare – Seasons Trailer

Armored Warfare is introducing seasons to the game. These will be focused, story-driven content expansions that will span multiple months and will replace the current update-based structures. The overall story follows Magnus, a former mercenary of a military corporation, betrayed and seeking revenge across seasons in a conflict between mercenary companies in the nearby future. […]

Armored Warfare – Early Access Trailer

Armored Warfare is a F2P multiplayer shooter from Obsidian Entertainment. To tie in with the¬†start of Early Access, a new trailer for the game has been released, showing off the game’s in-game visuals, as well as a glimpse of the vast collection of tanks available. Armored Warfare¬†will be going through an Early Access testing process […]

BRB UK 118: Actual Coleman

It’s all change at BRB UK towers as we welcome a new host – BRB stalker extraordinaire Coleman. So join Dan, Tim and Chris as they wade into the week’s news.

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