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E3 2015: Nintendo Digital Event Overview

Nintendo delivered a cute and cuddly presentation that unfortunately lacked any new games or announcements to get excited about.

Smashsoul’s Top Games of 2013

Call me cynical, but I want to say 2013 was a rather average year when it comes to games…

BRB UK 66: McSinuses

The good ship BRB UK is being steered by a two man crew this week, as Tim has been struck down with the man ‘flu. So join Dan and Jon as they twaddle on about all things gaming!

BRB UK 65: Saikobureiku

It’s all hands on deck on HMS BRB UK this week, as all three of the hosts have managed to master the days of the week.

Nintendo Direct Presentation Announces 3DS XL

A video presentation this morning announced a brand-new, redesigned 3DS that sports a 90% larger screen. Generally good news for anyone that has not purchased a 3DS, but perhaps not such good news for existing owners.

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