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WWE 2K16 – Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveal

Weird things have been going on in the WWE of late but that oddness has not just been confined the real world. Introducing for the first ever time in a WWE video game, The Terminator himself… Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold will be available to those that pre-order WWE 2K16, which is set to release from the 30th […]

Preview: Borderlands – The Handsome Collection

Borderlands has never been known to take itself seriously but with the introduction of 4-player couch co-op, The Handsome Collection has got its game face on.

Evolve – Survival Guide Trailer

Trying to take on a massive beast can be tough at the best of times – even more so when it can adapt to become more powerful. That’s why 2K want to help you last longer when Evolve hits the shelves and have released this handy survival guide to keep you one step ahead of […]

Preview: Evolve: Four V One & One V all

This showcase was the first chance 2K have had to show the press at large what Evolve is all about.

The Trouble With Columbia

Naturally any headscratchers that have come from this game seem to lie within the story and even then it comes down to personal interpretation, but that’s not to say that there’s no issues within this world. **WARNING: Spoilers within**

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