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Geek Speak 3: Tickle My Cthulu

This week on BRB Geek Speak, Lauren, Monica and Alex did lots of fun, geeky and weird reading. They also hunted some monsters and played with Batmobiles.

Geek Speak 2: Sweet, Sweet Carrot of Betrayal

Big Red Barrel Geek Speak returns with the 2nd episode, and it all went a bit flix crazy… Join Lauren, Monica and Alex for another hour of geekiness!

Geek Speak 1: Bonk an Elf

Well, hello there! Welcome to Big Red Barrel Geek Speak, a brand new podcast about all your geeky needs!

Team BRB and Extra Life 2014!

Extra Life! 2014! Awesomeness! Unwitting hilarity! Sleep deprivation! All of these things!

BRB Souls 2 – To The Burg!

Ah, Undead Burg… A magical place indeed. Join Kev, Yoshifett and Saint Mantooth as they reminisce about the journey to the Above Bell, and the twists, turns, knights, drakes and war pigs therein.

BRB Souls 1: Welcome To Lordran! Prepare To Die.

The time you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, as Kev, Yoshifett and Saint Mantooth begin their journey of reminiscence through the land of Lordran.

BRB WTF: Dark Souls AMA

With BRB Boom’s Yoshifett falling deep into the time-sink known as Dark Souls, he understandably has some questions about this borderline-impenetrable game. The Barrelcast’s Kev attempts to provide answers.

BRB @ E3: Microsoft Post-Event Podcast

Microsoft were first out of the gate at E3 2013 – and actually managed to show some games this time around.

BRB WTF: BioShock Infinite Spoilercast

***SPOILERS*** No seriously, actual Big Red fat hairy spoilers throughout this podcast. From start to finish, one Big Red spoiler running throughout the whole podcast for all things Bioshock Infinite.

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