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Review: Captive

Matt is on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter in Captive! Fortunately, years of board gaming have given him a very special set of skills…

Review: The Boy Who Could Change the World: The Writings of Aaron Swartz

Alex read the writings of the programmer and entrepreneur Aaron Swartz.

Review: A Knight of Seven Kingdoms

Alex read a prequel to the popular Game of Thrones series and enjoyed it, although begrudgingly. Find out why.

Review: Ruin: The Birth of a Legend

Alex read the first book in the fantasy series, Ruin, about a very unlikely hero to the world of Mareta.

Review: The Martian

Alex read The Martian by Andy Weir and it was a love at first chapter. Read her review to find out why.

Kickstars Preface – Crowdfunding Overview

Tim kickstarts the ball rolling with some crowdfunding analysis.

Review: Armada

There are not many authors out there who write fiction about video games. That’s why Ernest Cline has a special place in Alex’s heart and she reviews his new book Armada.

Review: Solarversia

Alex has reviewed a debut novel by Toby Downton about a year long virtual reality game called Solarversia.

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