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Let’s Talk About Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Sikander explains why he’s looking forward to Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake

Video Games and Real-World Violence

Blaming video games for real-world violence is rearing its ugly head again and it needs to stop

The Redemption of No Man’s Sky

Sikander looks back at the fall and rise of Hello Games’ overly ambitious sci-fi exploration simulator No Man’s Sky

New Switch, Who Dis?

Sikander discusses Nintendo’s recently announced hardware refresh for the Switch and why you might want one.

Review: Stranger Things (Season 3)

Sikander returns to Hawkins, just in time to celebrate 4th July with Mike, Will, Max, Lucas, Eleven and Dustin.

Do Games As A Service Work?

Sikander discusses the viability of Games As A Service for publishers and consumers… as well as surprise mechanics

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Set for a Stellar Final Year

Sikander looks ahead to this gaming generation’s next 12-18 months

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