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Protagonist Problems

Reuben really enjoyed Titanfall 2, but he feels it missed the mark a little with its lead character, Jack Cooper.

Review: Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 spent a lot of time in early access, but has the time spent in development been worth it? Absolutely, says Reuben

Review: Titanfall 2

Reuben reviews Titanfall 2 – bigger and better in every way than its predecessor and one of the best games to come out this year.

Review: Luke Cage Season 1

Reuben reviews the first season of Luke Cage, a show both elevated and brought down by its comic book origins.

Review: Mother Russia Bleeds

Mother Russia Bleeds is a game with things to say about politics and oppression. It is also about punching bikers in the face.

Big Red Ramble: Mother Russia Bleeds

Mother Russia Bleeds is one of the goriest, bloodiest and well… awesome looking beat ’em ups ever made. So it only makes sense that we get one of the sickest, most deranged gamers on Team BRB to play it. Of course we’re talking about Reuben. Click to Subscribe ►

Review: Strike Vector EX

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in dogfights in the Star Wars, then Reuben may have the perfect game for you.

Big Red Ramble: Enter The Gungeon

This delightful little indie shooter was released this year from the mad minds at developer Dodge Roll and it’s publisher Devolver Digital. Reuben’s played a few hours but struggled to get  past the first boss(es). Can manage it in this video? Probably not, but it’ll be fun watching him try. To see other BigRedRambles and […]

Big Release Roundup w/c August 22nd 2016

Running down the biggest video game releases for the week of the 22nd August. Click to Subscribe ►

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