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Review: The Last Guardian

While certainly not without its flaws, Jess found The Last Guardian to be as charming and quirky as its titular hero.

Review: Green Room Blu-ray

Green Room is an anxiety-inducing, claustrophobic siege film that Jess was happy to make it out of alive.

Review: Zootropolis

Jess was pleasantly surprised by just how funny, fresh and creative Zootropolis is, while also conveying an important message for our time. Read on to see why you should see it for yourself.

Review: Deadpool

Jess enjoyed the Merc with a Mouth’s first proper cinematic outing, even if it wasn’t quite as ground-breaking as it pretended to be.

Review: Firewatch

Compelling and beautiful, Firewatch made getting lost in the woods a joy for Jess.

Can Fallout 4’s DLC Restore Some Hardcore Fan Favour?

While Fallout 4 was great, it seemed to disappoint a lot of fans. Six weeks on and with DLC upcoming, Jess asks what went wrong and can faith be restored?

Why I’m More Excited About Telltale’s Next Game of Thrones Series Than HBO’s

Jess explains why Telltale has her attention after losing interest in the TV show.

Review: Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

Finn and Jake’s latest colourful outing falls far short of anything ‘mathematical’.

Review: Crimson Peak

The astounding visuals and macarbre thrills of Crimson Peak impressed Jess, even though it never quite reached its melodramatic potential.

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