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Review: Lost Planet 3

For fans of the series or those new to it, Lost Planet 3 is your typical 3rd person shooter. However, thanks to some added ideas and characters, it’s a (ice) blast.

Taking Gaming Too Personally

It seems that this has been the summer of negative news concerning the gaming community and it goes to show that while it’s classed as a form of entertainment, it’s a different beast entirely to movies, books or music.

Review: Badland

Badland is another great indie iOS game that is coming your way – and this time, you can play it with friends, if you want.

Preview: Memoria

The fate of a young bird catcher, the truth about a forgotten princess warrior and the race to stop a land from falling into darkness. This is Memoria.

Contest: WIN Two pairs of VIP Tickets to The Scottish Car Show

Big Red Barrel will be in Glasgow, Scotland this weekend for the Scottish Car Show and will be showing a selection of the latest and greatest driving games.

Preview: Beatbuddy

Beatbuddy is a music-infused game that looks set to be a wonderful addition to the platforming genre and something that will get your booty boogey-ing.

Review: Dark Matter

Steam Greenlight is allowing a lot of developers to share their creations and Interwave Studio’s greenlit Dark Matter looks set to be a tense space survival horror.

The Lull of Video Game Voice Actors

Did you get excited about future games after the E3 event? Well I didn’t. No, I got excited by the reawakening of my love of video game voice actors. Let your ears be lulled!

Rezzed 2013: Birmingham

This year Rezzed’s offerings and floor delights didn’t disappoint and despite the horrid weather that seems to follow this particular gaming convention, it was a great success.

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