Comics Inc 02: DC’s Change of Pace

After the first episode of Comics Inc turned out so well, we thought it would be a bit rude not to make another,

ReubenRik and Ryan all bring their highlights from this year’s Comic-Con, as well as cover all of the most important comic-related topics that you need to hear about.

Topics from SDCC 2018 and beyond include:

  • Shazam looks like the injection of fun DC needs
  • What did Robin say?!?
  • Aquaman trailer looks promising
  • Season two of Iron Fist is on the way
  • Venom gets a better trailer
  • The Return of Marvel’s What if? series
  • Reuben takes a look at The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins
  • The sad passing of Jon Schnepp

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  1. stingo

    DC’s also (as far as I understand it) rebooting its comic series again. I understand the need for change but holy crap, I haven’t even begun to get into Rebirth yet! In fact, I’m reading the lead in JLA Power and Glory story because I missed it in the reading order I’m using. (The fact that one needs a reading order to fully enjoy a comic book story is another annoying topic.) But since I read all of Marvel’s Civil War books I felt I owed it to DC to tackle one of their big storylines. 

    At any rate, the good ship DCU does need a change of direction, having become trapped on the rocks of gloom and doom. The fact that the MCU has been cleaning up in this area further highlights DC’s failure to do so. I hope they get their act together soon.

  2. StealthyJoe

    Great stuff guys keep up the good work, I am not reading any comic at the moment and I normally like to go back and read anything that is established and good reviewed stuff. Still like to listen and see what is happening in the eorlw of comics.

  3. Ian Crane

    I’d argue that DC has had an opportunity to set itself aside from Marvel movies as the more “serious big brother” – if DCTV has shown us anything is that with Arrowverse you can have the serious melodrama of Arrow, the lightness of Supergirl and the wacky progressive young at heart Legends all in one universe all together.
    Zach Snyder bless him has a style and it worked in Watchmen but then not so much in Suckerpunch but it sets a visual tone distinct from Disney. I’m a Suicide Squad apologist and have watched it many times over- It’s sexy dark, fynny, sly, witty and full of action with an FU attitude.
    Shazam on the other-hand…
    Looks like the love child of Bananna Man and Superted ( there is some classic BBC for you ) Zachary Levi seems to be channeling the immaturity without any of charm, swagger and confident cockyness that comes with being Shazam. I would have preffered someone more like Dean Kane or Antonio Banderas, someone a bit older, seasoned, square jawed and charasmatic took on the role. It seems forced and his costume looks horrible tbh like someone took a street sign to his chest.
    It’s Spiderman goofy in a way it shouldn’t be for such an austeer character 😕😢

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