Geek Speak 127: Cactus and Duck


On this episode of Geek Speak, Alex and Jo get together to chat the latest news and about their unfortunate choices of movies.

Tune in for their rambling about:

  • Time-Waster of the Week: The Templin Institute (Courtesy of StealthyJoe)
  • PSA: New Season of The Expanse airs on April 11th
  • Kristen Wiig wanted as Wonder Woman’s 2 Cheetah
  • White House Says Trump Will Meet With ‘Members Of The Video Game Industry’ Next Week
  • New Overwatch hero announced
  • We play the Oscar Game
  • The Loft
  • Mute

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  1. StealthyJoe

    Just want to comment quickly, Expanse is awesome I cannot wait barrelbarrelbarrelbarrelbarrel also I watched Mute and oh wow that was boring.

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