Geek Speak 115: Tache Watch 2017

Hello-hello, how are you today?

On this episode of Geek Speak, Alex, Jo, and Diarmuid discover just how much they can talk about a trailer that is a minute long. They also recommend a lot of good things to watch on your big screens and telly boxes. Also, news, some happened!

This week they ramble about:

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Hey everyone!

As our long-time listeners might know, our end of the year roundup podcast is coming soon! On that episode, we will be running down through our favourite video games, movies, books etc for this year. You, lovely-lovely listener, can also send us through your nominations along with one sentence describing why that title was the best this year. Please try to keep your nominations to titles that came out in 2017 for movies, TV shows, and video games, while for other categories these can be titles that you have just discovered this year.

  • Best Video Game (stick to recent 2017 titles)
  • Best Film (stick to recent 2017 titles)
  • Best Tv Show (stick to recent 2017 titles)
  • Best Board Game
  • Best Anime
  • Best Book
  • Best Comic
  • Best Musical Album
  • Best Event

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  1. stingo

    Like the comics, they could put a new person (I think currently it’s a young African-American woman) in the Iron Man armor.

    And Sam Wilson (Falcon) has become Captain America so…

  2. Alex

    stingo said
    Like the comics, they could put a new person (I think currently it’s a young African-American woman) in the Iron Man armor.

    And Sam Wilson (Falcon) has become Captain America so…  

    I am behind all those ideas!

  3. Ricardo Kirkabon

    Best Video Game – The only new game I have played this year is Hand Of Fate 2 (Adulting so hard this year!)
    Best Film – Dunkirk and Baby Driver make it a hard choice but it’s Thor: Ragnorok isn’t it. 
    Best Tv Show – Punisher
    Best Board Game – Still Galaxy Truckers
    Best Anime – Voltron Legendary Defender (?)
    Best Book – His Majesty’s Star Ship (Ben Jeapes£
    Best Comic – Astro City (Vertigo)
    Best Musical Album
    Best Event

  4. Ian
    • Best Video Game (stick to recent 2017 titles) – I’ll say Ass Creed: Originsn, just cos Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t pan out. Sad face. Cue violin
    • Best Film (stick to recent 2017 titles)- Toss up between Logan & War of the Planet of the Apes. Apes have it though cos it was like watching the bibles Moses exodus of Egypt crossed with Lawrence of Arabia. Amazing stuff
    • Best Tv Show (stick to recent 2017 titles)- Bah! Again both Star Trek and Defenders fell flat. Of all the hours of tv the most consistent have been Suits & The Flash
    • Best Board Game – Oh man I played so much King of Newyork but the best game is Lord of The Rings The Confrontation which is a small tactical turn based game like chess but also with cards and has both a book version and movie version with two differant art styles
    • Best Book- Pandemic/Genome A.G Riddle. These books were refreshing in their characters and had large parts set in Australia! Which was nice.I read it back to baxk with Dan Browns new book and it is waaaaaaaaaay better I asked the author why and he said: ” Hi, I have not read Brown’s book. But I plan to. His came out a week before mine. My wife’s sister lives in Australia and I have quite an interest in the continent and its history.”
    • Best Comic- I guess I would say IDW TMNT. Again out of all issues I read they were so consistent this year with the Trial of Krang, and now War of the Triceratons and all the crossovers and one shots
    • Best Musical Album – I like Mike Oldfield
    • Best Event- Thus year sadly they moved EB Games Expo ( which is like your Euro Games one) interstate so I still went to Supermova but the best event.was Winterfest which is a medieval ren fair con held in the mountains on the middle of winter
  5. stingo
    • Best Video Game Destiny 2
    • Best Film Wonder Woman
    • Best Tv Show Crisis on Earth-X (Arrowverse crossover)
    • Best Book Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
    • Best Comic Saga (new to me in 2017, first three volumes read)
    • Best Musical Album Galavant: The Complete Collection (Galavant’s soundtrack was previously released as two albums, 1 for each season, but they were missing some of the music. This collection adds about half an hour of content including two demo tracks.)

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