BRB UK 241.5: Sam the VR Evangelist

Oh hello, my faithful chum and welcome to this special bono episode of the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast.

Tim is taking charge on this special episode of the show, to interview a returning Sam Watts. They’s be talking about Make Real‘s new title Loco Dojo, catching us up on Radial-G, the benefits of VR outside of gaming and much more.

Enjoy this little extra portion of BRB UK and we’ll see you again this Friday.

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  1. Bushin_Cat

    Boys, NEVER been more proud of Sir Timothy Hibbs, Esquire than i’ve been hearing his interview with Sam Watts. He and Mr. Watts had an intellegent conversation about their love, and practical use of VR. VR gaming will take awhile for the masses to adopt it, so we MUST be patient. As an old gamer (47) and lover of the 3D gaming experience, let me share my lifetime experience of how 3D/VR stands in our entertainment hub:

    1)3D started with movies *Red-Cyan tinted glasses* in anaglyph-stereoscopic 3D during the early to late 80s – it was a fad for a few years cause ppl could only appreciate certain scenes (minecart ride, slasher charging at you, etc.) that way. 3D went to sleep 2)3D carries over to gaming with Intellivision, Colecovision then eventually Nintendo making a few titles compatible with the anaglyph glasses; Nintendo tried sometilhing more radical (Virtual B….wait, hush), but no one KNEW What to Think…Good night again, 3D. 3)Fast foward to 2009: Avatar 3D, 2010: PS3 patching in 3D game/movie playback, 2011: debut of 3DS, 2016:PSVR…..3D/VR is going nowhere, no matter what they say!! 🙂 Thank you, gents! 

    Side Note: Tron Legacy was the movie to get me into 3D/VR everything!! Thanks Jeff Bridges 🙂

    S.Note 2: you have permission to quote any/all of my posts, but Chris…no farting noises, plz ^_^

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