BRB UK 229: Pink Wafer

Welcome you sexy little wafer munchers, it is indeed that time of the week where we forcefully thrust another episode of the Big Red Barrel UK Podcast into your ears. Once again we have a huge show for you that’s stacked full of news, and game impressions from your loveable hosts Dan, Coleman & Tim.

Included in this week’s show:

  • Wii U’s production has officially been cancelled.
  • Rumours of the Deus Ex franchise being shelved.
  • EA’s investors call brings some exciting announcements.
    • New Need for Speed confirmed.
    • Star Wars Battlefront 2 release window announced.
    • FIFA 18 continues story mode.
    • Bioware plan new IP for 2018.
  • Coleman tries out the For Honor beta.
  • Tim picks up Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Dane revisits Steamworld Heist.

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Stitcher and stay up to date.

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  1. loweth1

    You just fear the forced return of tiny earl.

  2. Ricardo Kirkabon

    Very sad to hear that Deus Ex may be being mothballed. I love the series. 

  3. stingo

    With all the new Star Wars movies coming out I imagine interest in a new Battlefront would be revived. I just hope they can balance the scenarios better. (I’ve not played it, but have heard of one side letting the other win so they could at least see the next stage of the scenario.)

  4. HI!

    Against my better judgment, here’s the BRB UK fan fic so far by loweth1:

    It was a dark, rainy night on the means streets of LAAAAAANDON… quiet, unnaturally quiet.

    A women’s footsteps echoed through the rain-swept streets. With a cry from some other poor wretch, she sped up and darted through an alley, into an office. “Do you have an appointment?” Asked a winy clerk behind a desk. The plaque on the desk read Assistant C. C. Colman. “I… I have an appointment” answered the lady. “Sure you do, through the door he aint seeing no one at the moment.” replied Colman. “Thank you, I dont usually do this, I’m Miss Timmy Hibbs – sorry don’t know why I mentioned that?” said the lady. She entered the office and a tall slender man in a labcoat puffing on a pipe turned around. “So missy, I’m Dr. Dr. Dan. Shall we get started?” Dr. Dan signed, removing his coat and then his belt.

    “Oh my” gasped Miss Hibss, blushing and attempting to advert her gase. “I have something very special to show you, I hope you like it” said Dr. Dr. Dan slyly.

    As he approached the remainder of his clothing slowly fell to the ground, a gasp came out from Miss Hibss, whilst mad giggling could be heard from outside of the office. “Finally… finally I have them all, now all need is the blood of faries and I they will live!” Colman cackled maddly. “Silence you fool, those Ambiio will never live!” Dr. Dr Dan shouted, struggling with his long johns.

    “Ah finally” huffed an out of breath Dr. Dr. Dan and with that final motion a true horror was bestowed upon Miss Hibss. “Oh no! My word… it’s horrible… its so…” wimpered Miss Hibbs. “Yes my dear” grinned Dr. Dr. Dan, who had now reviealed himself from beneath his clothes to be in fact short, fat and covered in red fur. He stepped off of his stilts and threw down the corset that had bound his mighty rolls. “It’s so… so…” conintued to whimper Miss Hibss. “Yes tis I! Captain Average!” Shouted Dr. Dr. Dan standing triumphantly stroking an unnatural protrusion.

    The door behind Miss Hibss swung open, Colman came running while clutching an Ambiio in his mouth before tripping over those that fell from his grasp. “The bag… THE BAG!” Cried Colman, throwing aside a duplicate ambio and producing a large bag. With a surpising swiftness, he pulled the bag over Miss Hibbs. “To the dungeon, a little company for Tiny Earl!” Cried Dr. Dr. Dan.


  5. stingo

    Yes, Trump is a horror story, but that kind of conservatism seems to be on the rise in Europe as well. I think the UK had a similar moment in Brexit. An unhealthy trend toward nationalism and isolationism seems to be rising in the US and Europe (where I understand far right conservatives are encouraged by Trump’s electoral victory and the UK’s secession from the EU). 

  6. stingo

    @Coleman – caught your BRB Ramble Wrestling video. Looked like fun though some of the edits were pretty jarring. 

  7. stingo said
    @Coleman – caught your BRB Ramble Wrestling video. Looked like fun though some of the edits were pretty jarring.   

    Good to know thanks.

  8. Ridcullys Hat

    Great show chaps. Watched the wwe video too and it wasn’t bad. Have to agree with stingo on the edits but otherwise, it was a good laugh. The move or die video was really funny as well. How nice is bleezeys clock?

  9. Ridcullys Hat said
    How nice is bleezeys clock?  

    It’s as beautiful as my impersonation of his mother’s voice. thumb

  10. Ridcullys Hat

    Your impression was comedy gold, good sir😂

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