BRB UK 186: Acapella Gear Solid

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, children of all ages… welcome to the BigRedBarrel UK Podcast.

Yeah so once again Dan is missing and wherever he may be, there’s a good possibility that Tim has joined him – basically, Coleman has full range of the show. Jumping in the empty seats for this show will be the super friendly Diarmuid once again and one of our BRB podcast virgins Reuben (who’s a really good writer, take a look for yourself).

Together our band of Big Red Brethren shall be chatting about:

  • Turns out those NX controller leaks were fake
  • David Hayter speaks out about his Metal Gear Solid  recasting
  • Could the next Call of Duty be set in SPAAAACE?
  • Censorship in Overwatch is causing a stir online
  • All the Final Fantasy XV info
  • April’s PlayStation Plus & Xbox Games with Gold lineups
  • Diarmud reviews the slightly pervy Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
  • Reuben catches up with Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s PC release
  • Coleman dials it back and gets hooked on Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Stitcher and stay up to date.

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  1. loweth1

    Curses my iTunes review came through late! Give me the socks I can affect your iTunes stats!

  2. Ceasis_

    Great show guys, as i said on twitter, looking forward to that “Acapella Gear Solid” being released. Make it to raise money for Extra Life perhaps!

    I purchased the previous Senran Kagura and thought the same in that, at it’s core, it is a pretty fun game although im not sure if i would want anyone else to see me playing it…

    Glad im not the only one late to the Monster Hunter 4 train too!

    PS. I thought Reuben did great for his first time on a show! I’m sure you guys were “gentle” *Awkward comment finish*

  3. Ridcullys Hat

    Awesome show guys.

  4. spikeychris

    My 2 cents on the whole tracer issue.  To be honest most people aren’t really annoyed about the fact the pose isn’t in the game they are annoyed about Blizzard apprently caving into 1 persons PC outrage about something and then possibly backtracking several hours later saying “we were thinking about it anyway, we have another pose waiting in the wings”.  If they had given the possibly backtracky response first I think far less people would have been pissed off.  The people complaining about it fall into several catagories

    1. arseholes

    2. People who follow blizzard games and get annoyed at their apparent lack of listening to the community when it looks like they caved into a single person whining about something.

    3. People who thought the persons complaint was stupid (I fall into this catagory).  Firstly I don’t find the pose sexualised at all yes she has an arse but there is plenty of oppertunity to see tracers arse in the game if that is really your thing.  Secondly using their daughter in the complaint in a “WONT SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN” style.  Because murdering people is fine but heaven forfend someone sees an arse!  Thirdly complaints that it doesn’t fit her character she is supposed to be cocky and the pose is a cocky pose that several of the heroes have. 

    Overall I don’t really care that blizzard removed the pose I just think the original complaint was stupid and the developers first response to it was equally stupid.

  5. stingo

    I’ve heard Monster Hunter likened to Dark Souls, so that may help to explain the addiction? Good show, despite two of the hosts being absent. Good job Diarmuid and Reuben for filling in.

  6. stingo said
    Good job Diarmuid and Reuben for filling in.

  7. Ricardo Kirkabon

    Greatest show title ever!

  8. WarMachine

    Superb show chaps 🙂

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