BRB UK 183: Uncle Grippy Loves the Dark Zone

Hey there you crazy, wild cats.

The Division is out and we may have lost Dan to it – though he may actually be sick. In his place we have Tim & Coleman fighting for his chair, along with Diarmuid and Kev swiping what’s left. That’s right, it’s one of those rare four person shows… expect things not to run so  smoothly.

  • Catching up on all of the news from Nintendo Direct
  • Microsoft axes Lionhead and Press Play
  • Harmonix moves away from Mad Catz
  • Ubisoft just can’t help themselves when it comes to pre-orders
  • Everyone plays Tom Clancy’s The Division
  • Plus so much more (seriously there’s so much news)

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  1. I liked the four person dynamic lads, nice work not talking over each other too much.

    I am loving the Division myself, even more when I realized you can used a sawed off shotgun as your side arm. The thing I’ve noticed about it though is all my friends are always comparing it to Destiny, and even callin the home base The Tower. Never having played Destiny, are they being accurate or just taking the piss?

    I’m Phalse Eyedol on Xbox if anyone wants to party up, I am level 27.

  2. loweth1

    Good as always lovelies. Was a long term fan of Halo until the reformation and Martin Luther343 took over the holy scripture and it appears to have lost its divinity, does look all pretty and shiny maybe it needs the cleansing white wash of, my analogy is breaking down can’t think of a person/character/company like Cromwell.
    Having said that Halo Wars out winter so will be able to MAC no believers from orbit so silver linings and all.
    Must go and write a weird iTunes review now.

  3. Ridcullys Hat

    Great show guys. Funny enough to make me choke and nearly die on my coffee. I think it was sad times with Lionhead as I’ve been playing the beta and really enjoyed it. Loving the division but haven’t had the guts to try the dark zone solo but have grouped up with randoms on missions and its been a laugh. Mostly been playing alone though as nobody on my friends list has it.

  4. Ridcullys Hat

    Actually if what’s been announced is true about cross platform play, this may become a reality in the future.

  5. Ridcullys Hat

    Sounds like a plan Mr Coleman. Gt:Ridcullys Hat. Im a lowly level 21 but I’m good at getting into fights I can never win 😁

  6. I still have to take the division out of the case. All my friends were playing it but they play it less every day. every one I know says that it’s is a fun game but not like they expected. It feels slow en the dark zone is only fun in a group

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