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Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition – Release Trailer

A release trailer has dropped for Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition which releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox from tomorrow. The games includes all of the DLC for the original game, as well as improved visuals, remastered environments and characters as well as retooled balancing and loot distribution systems.

Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5 – The Vault of the Traveler

With the finale complete, Tales from the Borderlands is currently vying for a place on Diarmuid’s game of the year list.

BRB UK 166: “I want to be Broken”

This week we’re two men down but still get through Rock Band 4, Life is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands and Super Mario Maker.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – Official Trailer

After the success of their Daredevil series, Netflix is bringing a new Marvel hero to our screens. Jessica Jones tells the story of a former super hero who has survived a horrific expereince at the hands of a mind-controlling villain. After setting up a private detective business in Hell’s Kitchen, she is shocked to find out […]

Just Cause 3 – Story Trailer

Based on everything we’ve seen from Just Cause 3, we know Avalanche can give us more explosions per minute than anyone else. However, it is not called Just Cos, it’s Just Cause – so a story is required to give you a good reason for things to go boom.

Steve Jobs – Round Table

With its release just a few weeks away, a new video feature has been released for Steve Jobs. The round table includes cast and crew talking about the man himself and bringing their story to the screen.

Review: Bedlam

Bedlam attempts to parody and poke fun of the shooters of yesteryear, but ultimately falls flat on its face in the process.

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition – Console Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition has dropped and the game looks phenomenal. The game received plaudits from all over when it released on PC and now console gamers get to try it out.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Adam Jensen 2.0 Trailer

A new trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has arrived, illustrating just how advanced Adam Jensen is – despite not asking for it. In Mankind Divided, he is a more experienced covert operative working in a far more hostile world. The in-game trailer shows off the game’s Titan shield as well as the Tesla, the Nanoblade and […]

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