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The Town of Light – Trailer are an independent developer based in Florence, Italy. They have just announced their first game, The Town of Light, a first-person psychological thriller set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. The trailer shows some of the title’s harsh and oppressive events and paints an ugly picture of the events that occurred there. The game releases […]

Farming Simulator 15 Gold – Launch Trailer

Tractors at the ready! Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game includes the main content from Farming Simulator 15, with a load of new features too.

Battlezone – Paris Games Week Gameplay Trailer

At Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, PlayStation VR had a significant presence. One its first launch titles was revealed to be Battlezone, from British developer Rebellion. The game, and the system, will come out early 2016.

Review: WRC 5

The motorsport licence’s trend of mediocrity continues with an underwhelming next-gen tune-up. Back to Kwik Fit with this one.

Review: Ro-Busters: The Nuts And Bolts Vol. 1

Thunderbirds, minus Jeff Tracy, plus a greedy cyborg, minus the Tracy kids, plus a bunch of misfit robots equals 2000 AD’s Ro-Busters.

Minecraft: Story Mode – Retail & Episode 2 ‘Assembly Required’ Launch Trailer

A new trailer for episode 2 of Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode has been released. However, the video also celebrates the launch of the game’s retail release – which gives owners the full game as each epsiode is released – in a new Season Pass disk format.

Review: Death Vigil (Vol. 1)

Rik claims that Death Vigil is one of the best comics he’s read in years. Find out why.

Preview: Sword Art Online: Lost Song

Bandai Namco invited us to try out their upcoming game Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Armed with no knowledge of the series whatsoever, Rik jumped at the opportunity.

Review: The Martian

Alex read The Martian by Andy Weir and it was a love at first chapter. Read her review to find out why.

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