BRB UK 164: Timamikaze

Team BRB UK is back  in full force baby! Nobody is sick, at an event, studying or in Brighton so it looks like Dan, Tim and Coleman are once again ready to rock your socks off… sort of.

So grab a can of energy drink or a cup of tea, sit back and get ready to listening to all the ramblings including:

  • Tim gets The Taken King, just as microtransactions become a thing
  • Shenmue 3 creator wants even more money
  • Nintendo’s legal eagles hunt down a Pokémon party planner
  • League of Legends heads towards the BBC
  • Dan plays more Destiny and Forza 6, before checking out the Xbox One Dashboard 2.0
  • Coleman got to try out the Fable Legends beta
  • Tim gets to grips with the Rainbow Six: Siege beta, the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Mayan Death Robots

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Stitcher and stay up to date.

Bonus Young Dan!

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  1. CloudStyle

    Great show guys, was good to have the OG 3 back in action and Tim seriously made up for the lack of “basically’s” from last week… I think I lost count after 20 so good effort!! 

    Battlefront was great, but I worry how long the game will last as I if I understand correctly there will only be 9 maps at launch and not all will apply to all the game modes. So we may not see another full scale walker assault type map.

    Unfortunately, I’ve got a horrible case of Micro-Transactions so whilst in the Doctors waiting room I had a go at updating young Dan’s Games World Profile. You are welcome.


    Image Enlarger

  2. Andyroo

    As someone who does not know what Dan looks like, that child speaking with Dan’s voice was bizzar

  3. I’ve got a horrible case of micro transactions! 

  4. CloudStyle said
    …I had a go at updating young Dan’s Games World Profile. You are welcome.

    That is brilliant!
    I wish I was a sudden death survivor so I could have cool stats about me. sad

    Andyroo said
    As someone who does not know what Dan looks like, that child speaking with Dan’s voice was bizzar

    The shock of hearing Dan’s voice (almost) identical to as it is now coming out of that child’s vocal box caused a bit of a reaction off mic of me.

  5. Good old Gamesworld.  I remember watching that.  I remember Big Boy Barry and Mr. Mathers, the Megabyte Millionaire.  Maybe we can get a new version of the show with ‘Dr Dan Destiny’ as one of the elites.

  6. Ricardo Kirkabon


    I’ve got a horrible case of micro transactions. And so does Kanye West see this on Buzzfeed.

    Poo and a cup of tea!


    Hello.great show. I do suffer greatly from micro transactions as my daughter recently purchased a 50 dollar virtual airplane from my smartphone! Luckily for me though my phalanges have begun to clear up…I should have a clean bill of health in no time!

  8. Joe Lyon

    I’ve got a horrible case of the micro transactions!

  9. Nellie

    Unfortunately, I’ve got a horrible case of Micro-Transactions & so glad to hear that Tim has a nice sexy package oh Lawd my ears LMAO

  10. So many unfortunate cases of Micro-translations, it’s worse than EA, Ubisoft, Activision and Konami combined!

  11. Steve

    I’ve never had an unfortunate case of the marsupials. Can Dan please say “Marsupials” I. The same way he says “Moist” please?

    Kangaroo to you all!

  12. spikeychris

    I need some help from Dr Dr Dan watching that video put a terrible pain in my phalanges and I think I’ve got a horrible case of microtransactions what would your medical advice be 😛

    P.S.  I remember going to see Fun house with Pat Sharpe getting filmed when I was in primary school and it was awful.  Several hours in a roasting (and I mean roasting) hot studio with a tiny carton of orange juice as the only drink we had lol

  13. Zombellic

    I’M BACK!!!!!!!!

    Did you miss me?

    What? you didn’t even notice I was gone!


    I’m finally all caught up on BRB episodes after spending my summer listening to the Game of Thrones audiobooks and then getting a new phone and not being able to find an Android podcast app I could live with.


    On the subject of lawsuits for character copyright infringement my daughter had her birthday party recently and the party organiser we’ve used for the last 3 years told us he’d had a crease and desist letter for using character outfits. I’m even sure what they expect people to use giant mascot type outfits for in it’s not for public events they’re way to big and clumsy for fancy dress parties or a stag do (and what self respecting adult is going to go out dressed as a giant Doc McStuffin.) Anyway it seems like they had done the none douchee thing and they’ve allowed him to continue to use them until Jan 1st so he could fulfill his existing obligations and change his website etc. It does seem that the games industry treats it’s fandom worst that most other groups.

  14. Aurochs

    Zombellic said
    I’M BACK!!!!!!!!

    Did you miss me?

    What? you didn’t even notice I was gone!

    I missed your slightly creepy avatar!

    Would also just like to say that the episode art has been getting better and better recently, well done that man Coleman happy
    Now I’m going to go lie down, felling a bit off. Think I’ve got a case of microtransactions on the way…

  15. Zombellic

    Why thank you Aurochs thumb

  16. TheBarrelInTheRoom

    Juggernogging brilliant show chaps!! 

    A great laugh, and I do like the episode art, very inspiring indeed! Tim bought the Basically back in a storm, but need more Moist & Wrestling references folks! 

    I’ve got a horrible case of Micro-Transactions, I want more Witcher3, certainly of Geralt’s butt. But they won’t take my money! I do not understand this! FREE DLC?

  17. That boy is now legally able to prescribe narcotics. Let that sink in.

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