Geek Speak 16: Bleep Everything I’m Saying

Hello and welcome back to BRB Geek Speak, and we are finally, finally, all here! Lauren has escaped the kids, Monica has unwillingly emerged from the Tower and Alex is attempting to leave Thedas for the real world. Join out hosts this week as they prattle on about:

  • Pokémon Go (Now with PokeMonica’s seal of approval!)
  • Alex was in Might and Magic Heroes VII beta (she keeps saying 6, ignore her, she has mostly butts for brains!) and if you are curious what images we were discussing – HoMMIII image vs MMH7 image
  • Drunk Destiny musings from Mon
  • Alex talks about Dragon Age: Inquisition FOR THE LAST TIME EVER*! Last story DLC Trespasser came out 8th of September and there were feelings to be had!
  • Also everyone should be aware of
  • Lauren had some disagreements with PS4 controllers
  • Listeners’  questions: is Pixels so bad it could be redeemed by a MST3K or Rifftrax? (Thanks  Q-F3ck3r!)
  • Listeners’  questions: whatever the hell spikeychris asked (Thanks spikeychris!)
  • Shoutouts to the lovely listeners! (Help @Ceasis_ to come up with new unpronounceable twitter handle!)
  • Special birthday shout out to Will (Lauren did sing you ‘happy birthday’ in Welsh, honest!)
  • Also check out Spoilsports podcast!
We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes or RSS and stay up to date.
* Alex will only talk more Dragon Age if specifically asked by listeners. Dear listeners, please, pretty please, ask Alex about Dragon Age!

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  1. Julia


    Also, nobody complained about PENIS. In fact, positive penis reviews!

    Alex, my jokes are f**king hysterical.

  2. Aurochs

    Gunaxf sbe gur rcvfbqr!
    Unfortunate timing with the Happy Birthday editing out; given that you no longer have to do that as of today!
    Did anyone watch Doomsday Arcade the webseries back in the day? It was on the escapist. Pretty much the same plot as pixels except actually funny. Still holds up pretty well to be honest (with the exception of some duke nukem forever jokes, now that that actually came out…), would recommend if you want some silly video-game based laughs. Ooh good question there, can’t remember if you’ve discussed it before or not- any good webseries recommendations? The guild was mentioned this episode for one, everyone likes the guild 🙂
    Pokemon go is going to be amazing. Already sold. I give it a week after being out until someone forms the actual team rocket, harassing small children to get their rare pokemon…
    Hope EGX is fun, shame I didn’t hear about it sooner or I would actually get to it, hurray for conventions that aren’t in London!

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