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Battlefield Hardline: Live – Get a Piece of the Action

EA have launched a competition to help promote Battlefield Hardline, giving entrants the chance to win £10,000. For more information, check out the site for Battlefield Hardline: Live (#BFHardlineLive) Here.

Trials Fusion – Fault One Zero

Fault One Zero brings 10 new tracks, 24 challenges and new objects to be used with track editor to the insanely frustrating Trials Fusion. By using the game’s season pass (£15.99) players will already have access to Fault One Zero, otherwise this DLC pack will cost £3.99. Avalible for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC from […]

Review: Hinterland

Harry Macqueen’s directorial debut is a minimalist road trip movie focussing on the relationship between two reuniting childhood friends.

Preview: Sandcastles

The new board game Sandcastles is coming to Kickstarter, and Alex got a chance to play with sand and buckets…until crabs attacked her…

Halo: Nightfall – Release Trailer

Microsoft’s headline sci-fi franchise makes it’s second outing into a full-length live-action feature in Halo: Nightfall, starring Mike Colter as Locke, the ONI agent set to become a leading character in this year’s Halo 5: Guardians. Whilst listening to rogue Covenant chatter, Locke and his team pick up on an imminent terrorist attack which leads them […]

Final Symphony – Music from Final Fantasy VI, VII and X

After a sell-out London tour, Final Symphony, a collection of music from Final Fantasy titles VI, VII and X, has arrived. Final Symphony is available now via iTunes.

BRB UK 132: BRB With A Q

Team BRB UK are once again without Dan (Boo) but in his place they’ve called in Joystiq’s former Reviews Content Director, Richard Mitchell (yay).

Our Red Hot Games in February 2015

The first instalment of Red Hot Games, where we just talk about games we have played and are playing right now.

Review: The Order: 1886

Diarmuid spent most of last Thursday reading reviews of The Order: 1886, wondering whether he should still buy the game. He did and here is what he thinks.

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