BRB UK 130: #BringBackBrady

In what starts as the first in a handful of episodes where Dan is away, who better to lead our other hosts astray than the face of the internet (and now the BBC) Jon Brady. Yes that’s right, the Scott is back to let us all know what he’s been up to since leaving the show and to help fill that posh hole in our hosting lineup.

Listen in as we chaps prattle on about:

  • Jon retells the story of his flaming 3DS XL
  • Coleman salivates over shiny Amiibo figures
  • Tim celebrates as the Ouya is relevant once again
  • Joystiq sadly closes its doors
  • Dying Light
  • FIFA 15
  • Grim Fandango Remastered
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  1. Ridcullys Hat

    Great to hear Jon back. Excellent show again chaps, as always.

  2. CloudStyle

    Wait a minute, my ears may have failed me but did we just go an episode without the ever growing most requested feature of this Podcast, The Weekly Destiny Fix. Now I know Dan is away and it becomes a bit of a tough section to fill without him, but Coleman… as we all know Fake Dan still runs through your veins, it was your job, no your ‘Destiny’ to make sure this was indeed covered. I must now bestow upon you disappointment.

    Disappointment. (This is being placed firmly upon your shoulders Coleman)

    Now that that is indeed well and truly out of the way, another great Podcast and although Jon is before my BRB time he was a great host and seemed to fit into the show like a hand to a glove, providing a thoroughly enjoyable twist to the show as well as a pleasing change of accent from all you London folk.

    I may unfortunately become an ‘Amiibro’ (An awful, awful name) like Coleman if they ever release the 151 original Pokemon. My life will then inadvertently become once again about ‘Catchin ’em All’.

    By the way Tim, an Ouya is a car right?

  3. Ridcullys Hat

    If I even tried the drinking game, I would be in hospital with my stomach being pumped and many questions as to why I had downed somewhere in the region of 30+ drinks and other peoples. Heck, I would be in a bad state by roughly 15 minutes in. This takes me back to being an art student and playing poker for shots of JD. Only 4 of us playing and running out by the 1 hour mark. The amount of times our front garden ended up looking like a Jackson Pollock painting makes me wonder about how many Jackson Pollock’s would be created across the brb community.

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