BRB UK 119: Monsieur L’Assassin

Ahoy, hoy and indeed hoy! It’s that time of the week to pull up a wing-backed armchair and listen to the witterings of Dan, Tim and Coleman as they navigate the week’s news on the good ship BRB UK.

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity gets a rather silly tie-in
  • PS4 OS 2 – so good, they updated it again
  • The next few months on PlayStation Plus are looking pretty great
  • Remakes remastered
  • Destiny 2 already in development
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • The Crew beta impressions
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Evolve’s alpha
  • Pokémon TGC: XY – Phantom Forces

We appreciate you chaps taking time out of your week to listen to our show.  For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Zune and stay up to date.

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  1. Ridcullys Hat

    Another awesome show chaps. Destiny 2 was a given but to announce it so soon after the first is an absolute joke of the non funny variety. Also probably stupid in the marketing department as people will probably not bother with this one. Its not perfect but it is alot of fun and that’s the main thing about videogames. I wonder how bungie are feeling about this as they originally wanted it to last a few years, I believe. Thanks to getting in bed with Activision, I bet they are really regretting this partnership. We all know that Activision love to utterly destroy franchises and milk them for all its worth and then leave the dead carcass of the developer in the gutter. Activision-the antidote to successful videogame developers.

  2. Ridcullys Hat

    Which spice would you be Coleman? For that matter, which spice are you Tim? This is quite a disturbing idea.

  3. Ridcullys Hat

    This is a conversation that I never realised would ever happen. Coleman is old spice, Dan is posh spice and Tim? Basically spice?

  4. Ridcullys Hat

    All spice sporty it is then. God this is a weird conversation

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