BRB Boom 71: Heavy Loads

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, DogsDie, Yoshifett and Smelly geek out about Dark Souls, Smelly’s challenge, Assassin’s Creed IV, Guardians Of The Galaxy, baseball, game gratification, and whatever random topics our minds can come up with.

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  1. saltysamx

    Great to hear from you guys again!

    DogsDie I know exactly how you feel. My best gaming experience also happened in WOW. The guild I was in was the first Horde guild on our server to defeat Nefarian. After MANY failed attempts we were finally able to take him down. At the time my two roommates were also in the same guild, and when we defeated him we all cheered out loud. It might be the only time I have ever cheered out loud and high fived anyone else over a video game.

  2. Zombellic

    According to the site “You were (probably) conceived to “That’s the Way (I Like It)” by KC and the Sunshine Band!”

    but being from the UK and born on sept 26th which makes me a UK Boxing Day baby our crimbo no.1 was When a Child is Born by John Mathis. Which fits pretty well.


    great show guys, it’s been a while since Yoshi rage quitted.

  3. stingo

    I think the most satisfying gaming experience in beating I game was finishing the original Starcraft. The mission was hard, and the story was amazing. Least satisfying, Myst.

  4. Ravioli

    It makes me sad that I missed out on WoW back in its prime. I’ve played other MMOs growing up, but last week was the first time I ever signed up for WoW.

    WoW raids are everyone’s ‘Nam.


    Most satisfying experience: Getting to the 8th world in Super Mario Bros. 3 without using any flutes.

  5. Zombellic

    My most satisfying gaming experience is probably on Duck Tales which was my first game completion back in the days before level saves, so it invovled several straight hours of playing. That or completing EVERTYTHING possible to do on Elder scrolls Oblivion which is a totally different kind of satisfication more of a obsession satisfied that a difficult achievement surpassed.

  6. Josh

    I’ve been thinking about it… and althought it had it’s problems I feel Mass Effect… as a trilogy was my most satisfying gaming experience. There were issues yeah… But I picked it up thinking it was going to be just another cover based shooter… And I was wrong… I was genuinely suprised that I cared for characters and events, in some cases being legitimately depressed when their fates were revealed.

    Also, punching reporters was damn fun :D

  7. zombiesauerkraut

    Am trudging through Dark Souls right now and loving it. Had just sighted the next bonfire in the distance in Blight Town when I got sniped by some toxic dart-chucking rat man. Was quite intense, watching my health bar drain at a frightening pace while I waited out the effects of the toxin and consumed every last Estus flask just to stay alive (was out of toxin cure). When the toxin finally wore off I had a quarter of my health left and only managed to make it to the bonfire by dispatching the last 6 enemies with perfection. Awesomely rewarding. Finally got the courage to make the plunge thanks to the Dark Souls WTF cast Kev and Yoshi did. Appreciate it, guys.

    Most satisfying was the ending off Mass Effect 1. Epic final mission, epic confrontation with Saren, epic set up for the sequel. And the song at the credits gave me goose bumps. Least satisfying, beating Half-life 2 Episode 2; those bastards at Valve have left me hanging for 6 years.

    Great show, guys! Keep it up!

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