BRB UK 103: Humperdincked

Podcast! Videogames! Videogame podcast! Spiffing! If that outburst has worked as intended, you should bally well have a listen to Dan, Jon and Tim burble about the week’s gaming news.

This week, we wax lyrical about:

  • Far Cry 4 announced
  • A delay for The Division also announced
  • Ubisoft states that Watch_Dogs is ‘finalised’ (and about bloody time too)
  • Diablo III: Ultimate Evil dated
  • Hints abound that PlayStation Now may be coming sooner rather than later
  • The Xbox One gets dis-Kinected and will be selling at the same price point as the PS4
  • Xbox Live (finally) removes the paywall for apps like Netflix
  • Games With Gold is coming to the Xbox One in June – but gets off to a less than stellar start
  • Our first round of E3 predictions

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Purrrleeeez release me, let me goooooo-ah!

Purrrleeeez release me, let me goooooo-ah!

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  1. And that’s how you brighten up a slow Wednesday! :D
    Could this be the first seeds sown for an all musical edition of BRB UK?

  2. MrLovePump

    I am glad its not just me that has been shouting “xbox pause” at other things like the sky box.

    In terms of the 10% power kinect uses its is indeed the GPU it mostly used. It is literally a 1 in 10 time slice that is reserved for kinect processing. So it will do kinect jobs for 1/10th of whatever the time slice is then commit 9x whatever that time was to doing game related things. This is what annoys devs as its a variable. Imagine processing time is split into 10 slots. Number one is always kinect time. If you have a task that takes 4 slots and you trigger it when the cycle is on slot 2 it will finish in 4 slots. If you trigger it on slot 9 it will finish in 5 slots because it will do half the task, pause to do kinect stuff, then resume it.

    Its a huge oversimplification but essentially it means you can run the exact same thing twice (assuming all variables and influences are the same) and it will take a different amount of time to execute. Its not a huge huge deal but it means you always need to leave a bit of headroom to account for the inconsistency which hurts optimization.

    As an aside, they use the GPU as they perform a staggering amount for calculations per second than a GPU can. This is where GPU compute comes in on the ps4s spare GPU cores, it allows them to do say the physics of all the voxels in resogun etc.

     What concerns me more is what happens when devs “take back” this 10%. Do we all of a sudden loose our kinect rights? Will kinect turn on and off depending on the context the xbox is being used in. We need answers Larry!

    Geek out over, great show as always guys sunglasses

  3. Aurochs

    Coleman said
    And that’s how you brighten up a slow Wednesday! :D
    Could this be the first seeds sown for an all musical edition of BRB UK?

    Gonna go with ‘Dear God please no!’ on that one!
    But yeah cheers for the episode guys. No matter how entirely aware I am that E3 is always boring and a bit rubbish, always end up looking forward to it. Here’s to optimism :D

  4. MrLovePump

    ooooooh just remembered …. as mentioned last week. DualShock 4 upgraded with xbo sticks and 1800mah battery.


  5. Ridcullys Hat

    As always, great show. I’m with Coleman, we need brb the musical. Lets get sir Andrew Lloyd Webber on it.

  6. Ridcullys Hat said
    As always, great show. I’m with Coleman, we need brb the musical. Lets get sir Andrew Lloyd Webber on it.

    I’ve gotten in contact with Sir. Andrew Lloyd Webber to pitch BRB UK The Musical and I’m pretty sure he’s interested. He said, and I quote “How did you get this number?” You wouldn’t question that without being interested I’m sure.

  7. Ridcullys Hat

    If he wasn’t interested he would have said no. Lets make this happen. I can’t wait for the inevitable t.v. Talent series ‘theres something about Big D’.

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