Big Red Barrelcast 53: Getting Updated

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Dave, Kev and PacManPolarBear blabber on about sifting through garbage in the desert, Snoop Dogg and Watch Dogs.

This time, they pontificate about:

  • Dave is getting a PS4
  • Watch Dogs
  • Trials Fusion
  • Xbone and PS4 numbers
  • E.T. cartridges found
  • A new Street Fighter web series
  • Snoop Dogg in your COD
  • Elder Scrolls Online bug
  • PS4 and Xbone get updates
  • Shout outs
  • Bonus content for our lovely podcast app owners

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  1. saltysamx

    Always great to hear your voices! Thank you for taking the time to record these podcasts. They help make my work day less painful.

    What are your thoughts on Tom Clancy’s The Division? To me, it seems like it has potential to be a fun game, but outside of E3 last year I have not seen or heard too much about it.

  2. MrLovePump

    A thought on Trials.


    firstly MEF! Indeed it took me a few sittings to get to the point where they are just too hard (80%ish).


    I am more annoyed because I got the disc based “season pass” edition. Turns out this really means the “Not much content and we will give you the rest over the year edition”.


    In reality it sounds like it just wasn’t finished. Part of me wonders if, with it being a short game potentially, it was a means of avoiding trade ins and second hand sales by drip feeding the content over a year.


    Not sure about the lack of love for Infamous, I was an Infamous virgin and really enjoyed it. Sure it wasn’t absolutely must play but given what else is around (nothing) it was certainly worth the price of admission.

  3. Aurochs

    Cheers for the ep guys!

    The really annoying thing about the TESO bug is that it wasn’t new; it had been around for quite some time in the beta as was reported by a number of people. I love love love the Elder Scrolls, way too much, and man is this game depressing :(

  4. KidGreengene

    So I have to ask… why is Kev so incredibly negative all the time about everything console (with a particular venom towards PlayStation)? It comes off very D-baggish like?

    Dave: I’m getting a PS4! [Kev: Ehh, I haven’t touched mine in 7 weeks]

    Dave: I’ll be getting infamous: Second Son.  [Kev: That game is boring]

    Kev: I got Killzone: Shadow Fall… I fell asleep  (Meanwhile he loves the most boring game franchise ever created in Darksouls but not a single person chimes in to say anything negative on it because not every discussion is an open opportunity to be a negative Nancy towards what a person might enjoy)

    Pacman: Share Factory is out and it allows you to now finally be able to record and edit without uploading  [Kev: Awesome… oh wait.. I said something positive about PlayStation?? Nevermind, that should have been on it day 1 and that is all I have to say on that]

  5. I remember attending EGX last year and speaking with Kev about his aversion to most of Naughty Dog’s recent games. I am a full-blown fanboy when it comes to ND but, credit to Kev, he sat there far longer than he needed to to talk me through his thinking. I still disagree with him but he was well able to justify his own views.

    D-baggish is the last phrase I would use to describe the man – but then again, that is just my opinion.

  6. p1ge0n

    Gotta say, I do agree that Kev seems to be down on PS4, which is fine. His own preference is… well his own and everybody should be entitled to have theirs. Maybe he just happens to be more vocal about it? As for OS on both consoles, i think people take for granted how long it took for things to start appearing on 360 and PS3… hell you couldn’t even check your messages on the PS3 without quitting a game! I can’t say “this feature should have been in there in the first place!” because each company has their own priorities and had to get their systems out in order to compete.

    P.S. Dark Souls is far from boring! in fact it’s the game that reignited my love of video games (i was highly disappointed by Dark Souls 2) and i respect Kev for his DS passion… Titanfall on the other hand… don’t get it… :P

  7. sheezcrafty

    Dave! Does this new job have anything to do with you demonstrating your favourite piece of technology? Detailed a few episodes ago, I think. Congrats anyway.

    If folks think Kev is down on Sony, the Boom cast doesn’t show a lot of love in that direction either. Lookin’ at you Yoshi. He is honestly very patient in explaining why he’s not fond of ND games, he replied with a detailed post to my question about this as well. Most of what he said went over my head, he’s forgotten more than I’ll ever know about video games, so I enjoy his opinions.

    Looks like we’re in a holding pattern for the next while with games, E3 don’t fail us now. My coffee can PS4 fund is growing, slowly.

  8. KidGreengene

    @Diarmuid: Not calling him a d-bag. Just saying when you pooh on most everything from a specific company to the point that you can’t even allow other people to enjoy theirs.. it comes off as d-baggish like. Probably a great guy but we get it.. you don’t like PS. You don’t have to sell us on it anymore.

    @p1ge0n: I don’t mind that he has his own opinion. Just wonder why he can’t allow anyone else to have their opinion. He will, in one sentence, crap on X game for being garbage. Then the next sentence say he doesn’t care if people think Y game is garbage because he thinks its awesome. I hear you, but would you agree that people can find Darksouls boring? I don’t think Dave likes it but doesn’t shat on it every time Kev brings it up. I play Titanfall but yeah, it has really just become more of a weekly hangout place for my boys more-so than I am loving the gameplay.

    @sheezcrafty: I love Yoshifet and Boom. I love how they play off each other that I don’t even notice I listened to 5 minutes of game discussion in an hours time. Lol. And I don’t even care that Yoshi hates PS… because I can go weeks without hearing it.

    Just exhausting to listen to him some times.

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  9. KidGreengene

    Speaking of Dave. Dude, I thought I hated you. I always wondered what you brought to the table other than the occasional zinger that everyone would completely miss. I honestly thought there were episodes you fell asleep on or just plain walked away

    …… until the show with Rothbart. You actually contributed and made that show. I hope to hear more from you. the show has a lot of potential with you being the Xbox guy, Pac being the PS guy and Kev being the PC guy but it just has yet to hit on those cylinders.

    Plus Kev gets props for being a Moon Knight fan so there is that. Moon Knight reboot has been sick.

  10. Just saw all this and thought I should chime in!

    I honestly don’t intend to diss Playstation or Xbox. I own all generations of all their consoles and have thoroughly enjoyed a majority of their offerings. In fact, despite what it may sound like, I actually lean far more towards Playstation than Xbox and always have done!

    Honestly, I know I’ve been a downer on the show lately, and I know why that is: It’s May 2014.

    We have new, arguably unfinished consoles with very few games on the immediate horizon to justify our purchases of them. As soon as E3 starts winding up and the news leaks drop day-to-day and the trailers start assaulting my inbox, I’ll be happier than a farmer in a scrumpy lodge.

    That said, I will admit that I’m also still down on both consoles’ performance (especially Xbox One), given the hardware they’re packing. You all know I’m a PC guy first and foremost, and what I was most looking forward to this gen was finally getting games on console that run at 60 frames per second, and it is bumming me out that it isn’t happening consistently… Yet. I know it’ll come in time, I know the devs need to figure out the hardware and work with the platform holders, but I’m an impatient dude and waiting just gets me irritable. I’m not blaming either side, I’m just bummed it isn’t a thing yet.

    As for the Naughty Dog/Dark Souls discussion: I’ve stated my issues with Uncharted 3 (specifically) and The Last Of Us multiple times and tried to be as comprehensive in my explanation as I can be, but I’ve also always been aware that those issues are unique to myself and a handful of others. One of my thoughts is that I like games that are games more than games that think they’re movies. Dark Souls tells its story in a way only a video game can, and Uncharted tells its story in a way that any medium — be it game, movie, tv show, comic, or novel — can.

    There are many other things I personally dislike, but I totally understand why others like them. For what it’s worth, I sincerely enjoy the worlds, characters and narrative of those games, I just don’t mesh with the gameplay, which is no surprise given that it is almost the antithesis of Dark Souls. If it makes you feel any better, I have the exact same complaints about Halo as well, but again, I’m in the minority.

    The safest way to call whether Kev’s going to like a game or not is to ask: 1) Is the player being funnelled through a level and narrative design that is identical to everyone? And 2) Does the player have control of the character taken away very often?

    If the answer is ‘yes’ to either question then I will likely have something against the game. If the answer is ‘yes’ to both, then I probably have a LOT of problems with it. And I honestly hope you guys can appreciate that those are my opinions. I’m not trying to call people out on liking something that I don’t (although sometimes I do feel that there are objectively bad things that people should be against), I’m just trying to get my side of things across. If nothing else, it proves a really effective way to start an interesting discussion (as Diarmuid said, we talked for a while about my issues with Naughty Dog’s games, and I like to believe he understood where I was coming from even though he didn’t feel the same way. I know his points got across to me).

    Anyway, that was a really long diatribe and I apologise for that, but I just wanted to get the point across that my recent negativity is not out of spite, but instead born from a lack of compelling content to consume, as well as my own issues with modern game design.

  11. KidGreengene

    Good response and I would much rather read a longer email hitting the points of conversation than a overly generic response with a flat defense.

    I hear you on the consoles. I guess I never got into the resolution wars because I always saw 1080/60fps as a preaching platform for PC owners and/or a faux litmus for console owners to back their console of choice (with only Forza actually achieving it… sort of :/ ). I honestly went the entire life span of the PS360 era without knowing the resolution of a single game I played. I just knew if I enjoyed it or not. It wasn’t until PC gamers told me that I actually hate my games and that they all suck before I knew how incomplete my life was ;)

    I disagree about Dark Souls being a story that can only be told on a game medium but I do understand the point I think you are trying to make. Uncharted (and Halo, God of War, Gears, etc) plays to the lowest common denominator. They need to attract to the masses and because of that, a bit of the soul gets lost. I love a good “Her”, but every now and again, I just want “GI Joe: Retaliation”. Of course now that you said what you did, you just know Uwe Boll is going to get signed to a Dark Souls film… just sayin’.

    Good rules of thumb for if you will like a game or not. I’ll listen to the next show and see if I need to replace what I currently thought the two rules were.. 1) Is it a Sony game? 2) Is it an indie game?

    But points taken and points understood. I’ll try to listen with a different ear. Thanks for the constructive response

  12. stingo

    Since Battlefield Friends was mentioned, I was wondering if anyone watches Doraleous and Associates (made by the same crew).

  13. Aurochs

    stingo said
    Since Battlefield Friends was mentioned, I was wondering if anyone watches Doraleous and Associates (made by the same crew)

    Woah that’s a blast from the past! Swear it must be older than 2012 though, seems like ages ago.
    Also, appreciating the new quoting system for the forum posts; is it Dangerous Brian-proof, I wonder?

  14. is it Dangerous Brian-proof, I wonder?

    No forums are safe from Danger!

  15. stingo

    Well they (D&A) just ended their Kickstarter-backed season, so I’m wondering if more episodes will be made.

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