The inexorable march towards 100 episodes of gaming buffoonery continues apace, so join Dan, Jon and Tim as they wade out into the world of videogame news, reviews and other miscellaneous goodness.

This week, we prattle on about:

  • Amy Hennig moves to Visceral Games to work on Star Wars titles
  • Titanfall (finally) gets released on the Xbox 360
  • Last of Us announced, then not announced, then announced again for the PS4
  • Jon gets grumpy about The Crew
  • All kinds of awesomeness abound in the PlayStation Store Easter sale
  • Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
  • FTL: Advanced Edition (iPad)
  • Mercenary Kings
  • Luftrausers
  • Football Manager Classic (Vita)

As the eagle-eyed amongst you have probably noticed, our next episode will be the big 100 – and we’d love to hear from you, so feel free to drop us a line (or even a short MP3) at

We appreciate you chaps and chapettes taking time out of your week to listen to our show. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS or Zune and stay up to date.

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  1. MrLovePump

    Mef I did write a meaty post but the postback fell over and I lost it :o(


    Ill leave it as a short Congrats in advance for the big 1-0 … 0 next time and if you haven’t already have a look at Trials its blooming brilliant. Not a major departure from Trials Evolution but enough.

    If anybody wants to get into ghost time wars my PSN (got it on ps4) is in my sig.


  2. Rommie

    This show was awesome guys, really nice.

  3. So believe it or not, The Crew was one of the better games at PAX East 2014. Just want to throw that out there.

  4. stingo

    I’ll recommend Knights of Pen and Paper for the new iPod touch. I found out about the game on this very show.

  5. gerlach1025

    Maj Vaj coins, is that some kind of crypto currency?

  6. ^ Let’s hope not hmmm

  7. Ricardo Kirkabon

    Nice episode as always gents (has there ever been a girl on the show?). 

    Far be it from me to defend Tim and his propensity to talk what Stephen Fry once called “arse gravy of the highest water”, but ‘according to John’ sounds very biblical. The Gospel According to John is precisely how the book is referred to when a reading from John’s Gospel is introduced in an Anglican service. 

    How am I turning into a Tim apologist?

  8. formerly known as Thixty that name has been shed and i have now changed my name simply so that Dan gets to read it out for a shoutout every week MUCH to Tims delight :) sorry Tim

    Great episode this week and listening to Jon talking about the crew was too funny :) loved it thumb

    looking forward to episode 100, been with you since the last show and you all haven’t grown up a single bit haha 

  9. Great show, looking for a tremendous episode 100 and honestly when you three are together the banter is always good form. Best wishes.

  10. Ridcullys Hat

    Well the prize for the most amazing name goes to……MadgesVag! What with me Being the octogenarian bushmaster and now we have your vagesty as well, I believe we are finding new and offensive ways to describe ourselves. Awesome show by the way.

  11. shakysnake

    Looking out for 100… hope it will not be a 99b 😛

  12. billabongNZ

    Can someone explain what this Table top Tuesday thing is, I’ve give it a Google and it seems to be some sort of board game club? 

  13. Its exactly that 

    billabongNZ said
    Can someone explain what this Table top Tuesday thing is, I’ve give it a Google and it seems to be some sort of board game club? 

  14. spikeychris

    Something you might want to bring up in the next podcast is battlefield 4 as they have changed where the EU servers are located (they used to all be in Dublin now they are 50:50 Dublin to Amsterdam) and the Amsterdam servers are amazing.  Naval strike Conquest large 64 player and Carrier assault 64 player with no rubberbanding or lag issues.

  15. ^ What are people referring to when they talk about “rubber-banding” in Battlefield? I know the phrase from racing games but I don’t get the use with an FPS hmmm Is there too many blue shells? happy

  16. This occurs in online gaming when latency is relatively high. Players (or yourself) will appear to move in one direction, and then suddenly be teleported back several feet where they once were a few seconds ago. 

    This can be extremely annoying in twitch-based online games such as first person shooters, as it will hinder one’s aiming and shooting. Rubberbanding also plagues MMOs, particularily in extremely filled servers with poor hardware configurations. While it isn’t as damaging in an MMO environment, rubberbanding still takes away from the overall gaming experience and if at all possible, should be avoided.

    CS-Sniper: WTF!!! server is rubberbanding pPLaYERS I cANT SHOOT SH*T… OMfg I JUST GOt HEADSHOTTED WTF OMG11!!!

    Urban Dictionary thumb

  17. Dangerous Brian

    Rubber Banding is terrible on some Minecraft servers, especially when there are creepers about…..

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