Big Red Barrelcast 52: Nuke From Orbit

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Dave, Kev and PacManPolarBear blabber on about Civilization, another PAX and H1Z1.

This time, they pontificate about:

  • Wrestlemania
  • Voice controls
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth
  • PAX San Antonio
  • Homeworld
  • Bruce Lee in UFC
  • Last of Us on PS4
  • The Evil Within
  • The Crew
  • Titanfall DLC
  • H1Z1
  • A Borderlands Prequel is on the way
  • Shout outs
  • Bonus content for our lovely podcast app owners

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  1. ImpulseRev

    Great show guys. Really exited about all things Borderlands. I played alot of DayZ while it was an arma mod, thinking about picking it up for alpha not sure how much better it is.

  2. billabongNZ

    Is there any way to download the episodes bonus content onto my phone off of the app, or do I need a perminant internet connection ?


    On the Bruce Lee in UFC, I don’t see the down side, I love UFC, and I love Bruce Lee, so why not mix the two togeather 

  3. teppischfresser

    As always, I love the show. But Dave, I have a couple bones to pick.

    1) Poor PacMan couldn’t say anything because you interrupted him every time he had something to say, especially in the boner content.

    2) I just played Titanfall at a friend’s place…It’s just a CoD style Lost Planet. I remember from the SG days all of you guys saying Lost Planet wasn’t that great, yet over the last few months you’ve been hyping up Titanfall when it’s pretty much the same game, just in a faster, first person style. The mechs are similar in that you can swap weapons to get bigger, more powerful ones or you can get smaller, lighter, and faster weapons. There are large mechs, small mechs, or you can run around without one. How can you take the same game, make it in two styles (fast style and a tactical style) then have one be meh while the other is the best game ever? It doesn’t make sense.

    3) A few months ago you said no one was going to buy a Steam Box and, if I remember correctly, said it would even fail. When Rothbart was on the show you then said that you would definitely load SteamOS up and possibly buy a Steam Box. Everyone is moving to OpenGL because it’s usually ahead of the curve in terms of capability and features. Valve just released a program that converts Direct3D code to OpenGL, which means every game made in Direct3D can easily be converted and ported to Linux. Do you still think that’ll fail?

    4) Kazonuri Yamauchi has already said that because of the easy programming on PS4, we could see GT7 within a year. Those are his words. I understand it may be funny for everyone to jump on that running joke and run with it, but c’mon. The man in charge of making the game has already said they can get it done fairly soon.

    I love the show and have been listening since Episode 1 of SG. Just thought I’d like to point these things out.

  4. spikeychris

    The discussion about the most hated companies in America is quite interesting mostly because of the reason most people don’t like monstanto.  Yes they used to make agent orange but so did other companies, Yes they manufactured DDT (they didn’t invent it) but again so did a lot of other companies and yes they will sue people BUT so do other companies and there are other companies that have far far far more legal cases than Monsanto.  The real reason that most people don’t like Monsanto is they make genetically modified seeds (again so do lots of companies). 

    Genetically modified food is perfectly safe and there is a mountain of scientific evidence to support this and a bit like the legal cases a huge amount of made up Bulls\*\*t on the internet.

    Monsanto do sue people for usually 1 of 3 things.  Firstly breach of contract because the farmers seed save which is against the terms of the contract.  Bans on seeds saving are actually so common they are practically in all seed contracts so slating Monsanto for this is a bit stupid.

    2nd are people who breach the terms of use of the seeds the most famous cases are the guy who claimed that his field was contaminated with GM pollen and thats why he had GM crops.  He didn’t he deliberately cross bred the “contaminated” crops to make his own GM crops which IS a breach of the law.  If it was accidental thats fine they can’t and won’t sue you BUT 95% of his crops where GM variety that doesn’t happen by accident.

    The second famous guy was someone who bought the seeds from a 3rd party i.e Monsanto sold them to another company and that company sold them to him and he claimed that mean’t he didn’t have to abide by the Monsanto terms of use he still does.

    3rdly are Patent infringements. Now most people don’t actually understand how patenting of GM works it is basically the same as Drugs patents.  You don’t patent the gene (like most people think) you patent the application of that gene.  So you don’t hold a patent for that gene to be present anywhere you hold the patent for that gene when it is used for whatever you patented for e.g. resistance to roundup. 

    Monsanto have done some shitty things in the past but so have lots of companies and they get a disproportionaly large amount of flak for it.

    Oh and on the topic of DDT.  DDT isn’t actually THAT toxic the issue with DDT is that it persists for a very long time and bioaccumulates.  The other issue with DDT is that it is very easy to detect so you can find it literally everywhere but there are a long list of other things that are probably there as well in the same concentration as DDT that are more dangerous that we can’t detect.

    P.S. If anyone has any questions I will try and answer them as I have done some research on DDT and PCB’s as I work in the field of Environmental Forensics although my main focus is on other stuff.

  5. 1. Pacman does it to me all the time, I usually edit it out.
    2. Lost Planet isn’t worthy of holding Titanfalls jock strap
    3. I said I would load steam OS on a gaming PC if I bought one because I hate windows so much. The OS succeeding doesn’t mean the steambox will succeed.
    4. They just put out GT6 in December. They’re going to take at least 2 years (unless they’re going to throw them out every year like COD) to make the next one if they don’t just port 6 to the PS4. You also have to remember that a GT game isn’t going to come out any where near Drive Club (whenever that finally comes out) if Sony really wants Drive Club to succeed as it’s second 1st party racing franchise.

  6. Sorry man, you gots to stream it.

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