BRB Boom 58: Recombobulated Pelvic Rest

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, Yoshifett and Smelly Pirate chat about Breaking Bad, Modern Family, words of the week, Extra Life, GTAV, brick and mortar games and whatever random topics our minds can come up with.

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the new episode. Nice to see the bracket make a return. I was listening to ye olde browne showse alle laste weeke – and I gotta say, hilarious! Just sitting playing Volgarr the viking while relistening to old shows was such a cool time. It’s wierd, because I’ve been listening to you guys since brown began, so it kinda feels like im listening to family just chat about random silly things.

    Keep it up guys, long live the Broowmn!


  2. Zombellic

    No mention of humus at all during the innuendo I guess that meme is dead. hmmm


    I’ve never hear of a sports game refereed to as a rubber but I’ve heard dead rubber used to describe games where the result is irrelevant, eg at the end of league season when both teams have no chance of promotion, relegation or qualification for a international competition.


    I agree most of the games on gold are pretty lame but I don’t think they need to be bashed every week for it after all they really are free, people were paying out for gold service before the games were added. PS plus is different you are paying for the games, not that I’m bashing plus because it is fantastic value for money.


    And discombobulate came from my tweet and I’ve been talking about New Vegas a lot online.





  3. Laggy Gamer

    Best way to celebrate 5 years you ask? Boom Musical. Which needs to happen. Like soon. So yeah. I know you already kinda talked about it. But just sayin. Yeah. Nice episode. Bye bye now.

  4. ThaJM

    Forgot to post this when i first listened at work, but i was trying so hard to suppress my laughter i had to stop listening. Before i stopped though, i wrote a note to myself. It reads as follows: “Yoshi so gangsta his everyday lifestyle can only be described with a thug-speak”.

    The modern family thing reminds me of the mild disdain i have these days for How i Met Your Mother. I don’t know about modern family, but himym has been grown stale for me as of late, largely attributed by the fact that Ted Mosby is the least likeable character on TV i know of. At least to me.

    For the 5 year anniversary, i’d like to request the return of Mantooth and Don Marco! Just a phone call or something man, anything from the tooth!

  5. Zombellic

    I really like Modern Family but I don’t watch every episode and don’t mind them rehashing their tropes every episode. I would say that I think it’s much better written than most mainstream comedies like Friends, two & a half men, HIMYM, Will & Grace, etc. 


    IIt’s hard to think of a comedy that doesn’t fall into a familar set of gags it repeats most episodes. Look at IMDB’s highest rated comedy (& 6th greatest tv show overall) Arrested Developement. Buster has mummy issues, Michael is the only adult in his family/unlucky in love, George-Michael fancies Maebe, Tobais is gay/never nude, Gobe fails as a magician/rides his Segway, everyone does chicken impressions, etc, etc.


    Community is possibly  the best  example of a comedy that tries to be different by having widely different themes to episodes often changing the entire format of the show to cartoon/musical/puppets/claymation/zombie out break but it still has a set of reliable characters: eco warrior girl, Nerd guy, Racist old guy, prim straight A’s girl, vain/Charismatic leader guy, Peusdo gay guy, Conservative religious Mum.

  6. frawlzfans

    This show is so raven. 

  7. ThaJM

    Dude, i read one of those articles you get at the bottom of the page about gay celebrities recently. Apparently Raven is gay! So’s Sylar/Spock. Oh, and Ricky Martin.

  8. A bracket about best 3rd movie of a triloogyand NOT ONE OF YOU mentions Mad Max 3: beyond the Thunderdrome!!???




    You had me in paroxysms in the supermarket listening to this. The teller had to keep shoutiing at me over the headphones “put the butter down, sir” and “what the hell is a ‘muthafackinthunerdrome?”


    Keep up the good work.

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