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WIN!!! A Ticket For Eurogamer Expo and the StickTwiddlers After Party

Both the Eurogamer Expo and the Stick Twiddlers after party have been completely sold out for quite some time. So, what do you do if you haven’t got a ticket already?

Big Red Ramble: Aliens Vs. Preditor 2

Kev and PacManPolarBear are down to a dynamic duo this week, but that doesn’t stop the fun as we play Aliens Vs Predator 2! (We didn’t have Grand Theft Auto V)

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Part 1

With the abundance of MMOs out there, what sets FFXIV:ARR apart from the rest? A few excellent choices, actually!

Watch Live: Peace Games LIVE

Peace Games Live is streaming live all day today – catch BRB’s very own Tim and more on your internets in support of the UN’s Peace One Day initiative!

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver – Launch Trailer

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver lets players get behind the wheel of thrilling Hot Wheels vehicles while joining the elite ranks of Team Hot Wheels.

Final Info for Tomorrow’s Peace Games Live! Games and Consoles to be Won!

Join in with Saturday’s Peace Games Live to win consoles, games and more while helping to raise money for Peace One Day.

Review: KickBeat

Zen Studios, the guys and gals behind Zen Pinball and The Punisher: No Mercy, have made their first foray into the new world of rhythm-fighting games with KickBeat.

Review: The Manhattan Project (Board Game)

Accountancy in the Cold War

Hiroshi Yamauchi: 1927 – 2013

It was announced earlier today that Hiroshi Yamauchi, former president of Nintendo, tragically passed away.

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