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Big Red Flix 72: LA Confidential (Part 3)

Join Dave, Jitterbug, and Yoshifett as they discuss gun fights, the greater good and happy endings while wrapping up LA Confidential.

Taking Gaming Too Personally

It seems that this has been the summer of negative news concerning the gaming community and it goes to show that while it’s classed as a form of entertainment, it’s a different beast entirely to movies, books or music.

Review: Shelter

You’ll find love, fear and guilt in this Journey-esque adventure following a family of badgers through a beautiful and deadly wilderness.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – gamescom Fort & Naval Commented Walkthrough

Game Director Ashraf Ismail takes us deeper into the world of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag with this new commented gameplay video. Immerse yourself in the Caribbean World with Edward Kenway as he engages and weakens a Fort with the Jackdaw, and seamlessly launch into a ground assault, aiming for the Commander of the Fort. […]

Let’s Play Halo 4 – Part 6: Shutdown

Tudor and Greg take a sneaky shortcut like the cheaters they are, and complete the Shutdown mission much quicker than usual. No wonder they suck so much when they play online.

Preview: Rayman: Legends

Rayman: Legends is shaping up to be a wonderful addition to the franchise, and definitely one to keep an eye out for when it’s released later this month.

Memoria – Official Trailer

Step into the fantastic world of Aventuria and follow two intertwined stories from different epochs. Five centuries have passed since Princess Sadja of the far realm of Fasar set forth to become the greatest hero of all time.┬áBut for reasons no one remembers, she failed. Her deeds forgotten, her name lost in the sands of […]

RIDGE RACER Driftopia – Be First Trailer

First to Drive… First to Drift… All for Free! Sign up here (…) to have a chance to be one of the first players to get a glimpse of the drifting experience offered by Ridge Racer Driftopia and contribute to the game’s optimization by providing valuable feedback. Ridge Racer Driftopia will be available on PS3 […]

Dysbiosis – Release Trailer

Dysbiosis is an intestinal-tract based shoot-’em-up supported by Wellcome Trust as the winning entry into their “Gamify Your PhD” game jam event. The intestine is a safe haven for trillions of good bacteria that live in symbiosis with it. They form a delicate community, known as the intestinal microflora. Changes to the intestinal microflora – […]

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