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It is with great pleasure I introduce four new writers who have joined the site recently. They are joining us at an exciting time where we are just about gearing up for the imminent next gen of gaming tech and, although they may help out in some of the new areas we will be expanding to in the future, for now it may well come as welcome news that these new inductees are all gaming writers. We hope you like what you see from them in the coming months, and I hope you will join me in extending a very warm Red Barrel welcome to these worthy additions to the team.

You may have encountered some of Rik‘s fine work in previews and more already – in the interest of full disclosure we should point out that (as well as being an awesome dude) he is an employee of SEGA, so will be reviewing any game that is not produced by them (and I won’t tell you that he worked on the QA for Aliens:CM as he won’t thank me for that at all!) Dom is an experienced blogger who previously wrote for and while he isn’t the first member of the BRB team from Ireland, I believe he is the first to actually live over on the fair Emerald Isle. Katherine (KathiPayne) is new to the blogging scene and is an aspiring writer, on the evidence of her first submission — a review of Papers, Please — I think she is going to settle in to our Barrel of monkeys quite nicely. Hamish isn’t as Scottish as his name would suggest but is a friendly, London based blogger who writes his own gaming blog, For The Xp. Please join me in welcoming all four new members of the BRB team!

Enough of me waffling on, I will let them introduce themselves — With the assistance of a set of insightful, devilishly fiendish questions designed to burrow deep into their gaming brains and expose their inner glitches.


Rik @RikLaffar

Who the hell are you?
Rik, you know this. You hired me. [“Hired” is a strong word with payment implications = p – Tim]

What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
Favourite genres are RPG (J and Action) and Espionage games. Favourite series are Final Fantasy, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, and Splinter Cell.

Most importantly, what is your favourite type of barrel?
The type Jack Daniels is made in. [Possibly the best answer to this question that we have had! – Tim]


Dom @Pyxel8

Who the hell are you?
I’m a 22 year old guy from Ireland. I have an almost two year old son and another child due in January. I’m a HUGE Manchester United fan. I was studying Software Development with a focus on video game design in college and I’m going back to pursue that next September. You can catch me on Xbox LIVE with the gamertag Pyxel8.

What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
My fave genres are JRPG and FPS. My fave games are Final Fantasy (IX, X), the Tales Of… series, Lost Odyssey, Halo and Fable.

What is your favourite type of barrel?
Green 😛


KathiPayne @KatherineGPayne

Who the hell are you?
I’m Katherine, avid bookworm and lover of 80’s films (Back to the Future and The Shining can’t be beaten). I’m a big fan of fantasy and science-fiction. Oh, and baking. Especially Sweetrolls.
What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
Primarily Fantasy RPGs, my favourites being Mass Effect and Skyrim; the latter ruled my life for about a year and a half, it was wonderful. I also really enjoy point-and-click games like Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon and The Walking Dead.
What is your favourite type of barrel?
A nice, Krogan-sized barrel of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise can’t be beaten.
Hamish @Majorasblaze
Who the hell are you?
I was immersed in gaming culture since I got a yellow Game Boy as a kid; though there was a brief pause when I stamped on the screen of my GBC after an extended session of Super Mario Land 2 but reimmersed when I got the screen fixed. Luckily my gamer rage cooled but my passion has only grown, and I have a profound interest in the power of video games to take us on incredible adventures to sculpted lands, changing us in the process.
What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
Though Zelda stands aloft as my favourite series, I am curious and excited about new and interesting ideas, and what I play is usually more about the concepts and execution behind a game rather than the specific genre.

What is your favourite type of barrel?

A Barrel Roll, of course.
Everybody say hello. *waves*

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  1. Rik may have had the best Barrel answer, but Hamish was a close second.

    Welcome to the bigger red family all!

  2. Diarmuid

    You can’t go wrong with a few more Irish people involved.

    Welcome everybody.

  3. Rik

    Haha, I feel I probably should have put a touch more effort into my introduction…

  4. Hamish

    Hi to all, happy to be here.

  5. Can I change my barrel answer? I have a better one… A barrel of laughs… get it? Ya know cos its funny. Nevermind

  6. Yay welcome guys!! And more Irish…muhahahaha!

  7. Gah! Rookies!!!!

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