BRB Presents Faster Than Life – Scottish Car Show 2013

Here is the information presented in our recent press release with an additional bit of info for our readers, forum members and podcast listeners.

Big Red Barrel is proud to announce Faster Than Life, the brand new video game section of the Scottish Car Show, on the 21st July 2013. The Scottish Car Show is one of the largest driving events in the UK and together with Big Red Barrel, Faster Than Life will be one of the largest video game events in the UK and by far the biggest in Scotland.

After its most successful year to-date in 2012, the Scottish Car Show arrives at the SECC later in July and Big Red Barrel is playing its part in delivering a gaming section tailor made for the driving enthusiast. A selection of driving games will be available to play for free, with a barrel full of prizes to be won on the day for the lucky 20,000 people expected to attend the show.

Faster Than Life will also feature a retro gaming section courtesy of Replay Events, who will provide a selection of some of the greatest driving games from yesteryear on classic and extremely rare gaming hardware.

“This will be the biggest live event that Big Red Barrel has ever rolled the red carpet out for and we aim to mark the occasion with an explosive celebration of the latest and greatest driving games” said Tim Hibbs, co-owner and content director of Big Red Barrel and organiser of Fast Than Life. “We’ll have an exceptional line up to announce in the near future and we’ll also be taking the opportunity at Faster Than Life to spread the word about the great work done by top two gaming charities; Extra Life and Special Effect.”

A Message For The BRB Fans and Forum Members

If you are a fan of cars and games or just crazy enough to be a fan of the Big Red Barrel blog and popular podcasts — if you live in Scotland, or have means of travelling there, preferably by car (but it is also just opposite the Exhibition Centre Glasgow train station for those that like cars but don’t have them yet.) — then we urge you one and all to join us in what will likely be the most enjoyable live car crash you will see all year.

For all of our BRB fans, the event will be staffed by a number of the people you know and love/hate from the blog or podcasts. While we travel to the homeland of Jon (as well as Chris Shooter) it will obviously be a great opportunity to meet some of our Scottish fans and as it the first event that BRB has hosted outside of London, also the best chance for anyone that is generally closer to Glasgow than London.

Wherever you are in the world, we would love to see you guys and girls helping to support us as we take this Big step and we would love to see you there – seriously, we’ll give you a free hug and everything! Any questions we can answer on travel and accommodation let us know. If you can’t make it we would appreciate any support you can give in spreading the word, even if is just letting your Scottish game playing friends about it or helping to spread the word on Twitter with #BRBftl

We will have more details on the podcasts and blog in the coming weeks.


Faster Than Life. Videogames. Because real life has speed limits.


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  1. Sqqqueeeeeee happening!

  2. Yet another reason to save up for a trip to the UK. Mad jealous of everyone who gets to attend.

  3. Josh

    I has mad that I can’t be there but I live in Cali. -Yoshifett

  4. I’m so excited for this. Should be amazing, and a fantastic opportunity to meet staff members and forum folk alike!

  5. Rik

    This is going to be an incredible weekend! 😀

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