BRB Boom 51: Make It Statutory

It’s time, once again, to put boom in your boom and listen to BRB Boom. This week, DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett have geekgasms as they geek out about getting old, Anna Kendrick, completing games, K/D ratio, peer pressure, Candy Crush, Grown Ups 2, Xbone pricing and whatever random topics come to mind.

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  1. cobberwebb

    I’m totally with Yoshi, I watched Pitch Perfect yesterday and I wanted to do stuff to that person of the female species (not Fat Amy). The ginger one was also very tent pitching.

  2. ThaJM

    I can hardly listen to Virtual Insanity these days, but Smelly’s version was goood!

    FTL is kicking my ass, haven’t ever had a playthrough where i made it past the 3rd sector. It’s always pretty smooth going until you get that one fight that kills half the crew just shuts down your will to continue. Any tips will be appreciated.

    I’d like to mention that Pacific Rim was #1 Internationally, and is overall a better product outside of America. It’s just on the brink of recouping its production budget and i’m hoping it will net Del Toro some more cash from blu-ray sales. I doubt a sequel is likely though, and that sucks.

  3. PsuedoScion

    Great show as always. Yoshi: Be thankful you don’t get Funnel Webs, like we do in Sydney. Those things will drink your beer, turn all your lights on and leave the toilet seat down…DOWN! Just finished “Virtue’s Last Reward” for Vita, and highly recommend for anyone that enjoys a thought-provoking, sci-fi, story/puzzle mix. Building a gaming rig over the next month, so delved into Steam just prior to the latest sales – dangerous. So many games; so cheap. Its comforting to know that PC problems still persist today though, as there are a number of games I can’t run or stopped working after an update. Lastly, Pacific Rim is a definitive big screen experience, so make sure to see it in cinemas, but think twice about 3D. Found the darker image, plus cluttered battles, caused issues when trying to focus in certain scenes on an Imax screen – might be fine on a standard cinema screen. Soldier on guys – your never too old to keep it “Statutory”. Cheers

  4. ThaJM

    Virtue’s last reward is amazing! I’ve heard that it didn’t sell too well in Japan and International sales figures aren’t even listed on vgchartz. I’m praying for the last game to see the light of day, the cliffhanger from VLR is killing me!

    Also, anyone else think that the title for this episode is a missed opportunity for a joke? “Make it Statutory dem” is pretty funny in my opinion.

    • PsuedoScion in reply to ThaJM

      I believe it was the sequel to “999”, so I would be happy if they ported that over as well. I think I read this was going to happen, minus the puzzle aspects? Regardless, I want more.

  5. zombieboy

    always fun to have all three of you guys together humpdate update ,or brown show all what ever BOooooooM!!!!!!!

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