Big Red Barrelcast 18: Ima Eat Yo Babies

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums with their ramblings! On this week’s episode, Dave and Pacman are reunited with Kev, to discuss the importance of headsets and eating babies.

This time, they ramble on about:

  • Company Of Heroes 2
  • Total War: Rome 2
  • Microsoft stops charging indie devs for updates
  • Next Gen headsets
  • Sony’s firmware fix
  • Saints Row IV’s 10 minute preview
  • LOL player jailed for facebook comments
  • Shout outs
  • Some lovely bonus content for BRB podcast app owners.

We’d love to give you all some sort of incredible hug immediately followed by a polite conversation about how cool you are, but frankly we can’t afford the travel expenses. So, while we save our pennies, cents, and whatever the heck Canadians use, we’ll offer you some download links to help bide the time. Subscribe here. Here’s the RSS feed.  Leave an iTunes review here. Download the mp3 here.


  1. Dangerous Brian

    Great Podcastage once again. It is agreeable to hear Kev’s voice too. Here are my mostly worthless opinions on the topics of the day.

    I gave up on the Total War Franchise after Medieval: Total War, it just became stale for me. That and I didn’t like the changes they made to Rome: Total War

    Company of Heroes 2 impresses me from what I’ve seen on the ramble, I know my PC can’t handle it though.

    Saints Row mod tools, yes. Saints Row IV, f**k yes!

    The headphones that Microsoft provided with the 360 were terrible, but at least they were as standard. As someone who doesn’t regularly play online with others they work fine for the brief time that they actually get used.

    The whole “Terrorist” League of Legends thing is just stupid. Yes, what he said was totally inappropriate, but jail time?!

  2. ThaJM

    Ah we’re all glad to have you back Kev. Got into any Hangover-eque situations?

    First time I’ve heard of this and i’m appalled that microsoft even charged for updates in the first place! No wonder team fortress 2 on the xbox is desolate.

    Saints row and community mods seems like a match made in heaven. If the fans come up with even half the crazy content available for Skyrim and GTA4, i’ll be happy driving around steelport in my cat-mobile (not very creative am i? :p)

    On the topic of the jailed lol player, it’s a ridiculous situation he’s caught up in. I understand if the general public is in fear of the school shootings, but the law should be above that fear and dole out reasonable punishments. 8 years in prison would ruin the guy’s life! I hope some sensible heads look into the matter.

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