PLEASE HELP: David Dreger, AKA Knuckles Dawson, Reported Missing in Vancouver

UPDATE (1st June 2013, 10:30 BST):

The search for David is continuing – friends and family will be searching for him in Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC on 1st June

Meet at Lighthouse Park Parking Lot at 1.45pm PDT – friends and family will be searching from 2.00pm – 5.00pm PDT

Keep up-to-date with the search for David via #FindKnuckles and

Vancouver Police have an information page – please contact them if you have any information that might help them find David.


I just heard about this over Twitter – Knuckles is a friend that I used to work with back in the days of Respawn Radio, I wanted to get word of this out so that the gaming community can band together and help find him.

The following is reposted from SailorTweek’s original journal post at Rooster Teeth.


  • Last tweeted to Randy about deleting his accounts on 26th May
  • He left his wallet, computer, & phone behind.
  • His bike was found in Stanley Park on 27th May
  • People have tried contacting him on both his Canada cell # and his US cell #
  • Deleted his Twitter and Xbox Live accounts last night.
  • Those of us who know David understand what a big deal the deletion of his accounts are.
  • Search for him started at noon today.

 ** You can find information as it comes up here on RT and on the Find David Dreger Facebook page **

HELP US FIND HIM. They are combing Stanley Park for him.
Pass this around. If you know David and are local, get out there and look for him.



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/r/Vancouver post

/r/RoosterTeeth post 

SailorTweek is getting information via texts from @LukeMcKay @Count3d and @Aprilfire


We’ll do our best to pass on any comments or info you may have, but please make sure to visit SailorTweek’s page at Rooster Teeth for more up-to-the minute updates.

If you’re local to Vancouver, please help look for David. Even if you’re not local, you can help find David by re-blogging this or posting a link to this article on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I live in Houston, so there isn’t much I can do from here, but best of luck to everyone looking for him in Vancouver. Crazy how someone can disappear like that.

  2. Update from Whitney, David’s Girl Friend: Please only search Vancouver at this time for David. A search and Canvas team has been hired to search the park. We need searchers to stay away from the park in order to avoid contaminating any evidence that they may find.

  3. Thanks Amy – have updated the post accordingly.

  4. ayapa

    Ian – Don’t think that there is nothing that you can do. Share the provided links on all your media sites/accts, just getting the word out there is a huge help. I am here in Austin and it is horrible that that is all I can do but we all need to keep doing it until he is found. Thanks ^_^…

  5. Thank you guys so much for posting and linking updated information. The past 24 hours have been incredibly stressful and it seriously means so much to see the support. David, if you’re out there and reading this- we miss you, please come home.

  6. stingo

    Wow – being far, far away too, I can only offer my best wishes for a speedy and happy end to the current situation.

  7. Oh no…I pray and hope that he’s found safe and sound.

  8. PunchNuOut

    Even if you’re far away whether it’s Texas, California, Europe, or even Australia we can still get the word out to as many people as we can. Letting them know of what has happened as well as the status of this situation. For the most part all we can do is pray he returns safely but it also means we as a community can tell as many people as we can to hopefully get a bigger group for the search.

  9. PunchNuOut

    We can do more then pray for his safe return. We as a community can get the word out to as many people as it takes to hopefully get a bigger search. Even ifwe live so far away we can still do something in the search for Knuckles Hoping in contacting as many people as i know about finding him as well as telling other people who don’t know what has happened.

  10. Riptide

    I put a lights of his missing persons poster on tumblr,flickr and iFunny. About the only way I can help from Florida. I hope we find him, really good guy, played a lot of Halo with him

  11. I know that Dan had worked with Knuckles directly, but as someone who has listened to David across various podcasts over the year and as I am becoming increasingly worried given that we have not had any good news up till now, just wanted to add that I hope this still works out for the best and just to say our thoughts and best wishes go to David and everyone effected.

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