Big Red Flix 62: Back To The Future 3 (Part 2)


Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. It’s time for Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett to wrap up the Back To The Future trilogy by trying their best to finish Back To The Future 3.

Check back next week for an all new adventure.

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  1. McSeagull

    Thank the makers above for the end of this trilogy. Look forward to Pulp Fiction, haven’t seen it in a long time and will be good to have a little expert commentary from the Flix Squad.


    Actually, would like to kind of touch on the whole love thing now that I got to thinking about it. I was listening to another podcast the other day that is called Nerdist podcast hosted by Chris Hardwick, the guy who hosts the Talking Dead show, and he had Steven Yuen on, the guy who plays Glenn. Any way, they were having a conversation about the way that technology has essentially changed the way that humans interact; instead of interfacing with other human beings via traditional mediums, they are interfacing with computers/smart phones etc. What happens here is a disconnect because of the relative anonymity of communicating with people. With the lack of contextual clues like body language, a lot of the message is lost and people begin to treat each other like just a notification on their smart phone/computer etc. 


    I guess my point here being in a roundabout way is that I believe people have essentially lost their way on how to communicate and relate with one another. It has become so easy to make new friends and stay in touch with old friends that any petty squabble can turn someone into something expendable at one unfavorable comment on your Facebook post. There has been this shift towards self-empowerment at the hands of this new shift in thinking and I feel like it has devalued relationships at a romantic level as well as just a platonic or friendly level.


    As far as worst breakup ever, mine is a twisted web that I don’t care to weave in its entirety on this thread as I’m already quite long winded enough as is. Essentially, I was with my first love of my life and she was veritably amazing in all senses of the word. Did the long distance relationship thing for a few years and everything was going well until the femme fatale was introduced. She was a hottie with a body and all of that and even played video games which was the clincher. I rememeber one of our first fiights actually was because I held the brake on the Mario Party mine cart race game to spite her and we lost and she was PISSED.

    Long story short, ended up having a very scandalous, sneak around love affair with this woman under the nose of her boyfriend (my roommate at the time, 6’8″ basketball player on the school team…) and ended up getting together officially after breaking it off with the first love. She was of the impression that she should constantly be catered to and that sort of thing got very exhausting and everything else and we started to grow apart because I wasn’t waiting on her hand at foot at her every beckon. Introduce lesbian lacrosse player. They started hanging out all the time and I was very suspicious about what was going on and questioned her about it on several occasions to her adamant denial. Finally, she ends up admitting to it but is intent on sitting the fence while she figures out who she wants to be with. That was about a year ago now and as far as I know they are still together but I told her to kick rocks because she had the audacity to ask me to wait around for her to make a decision.


    TLDR; I think that people are way too self empowered these days and they think that the things they do are okay and I realize I am being a hypocrite in a way about it but I came clean about all of my transgressions throughout the entirety of said scandal. I even told the 6’8″ guy to his face that I was sleeping with his ol’ bonnie lass with reckless abandon for me remaining in one piece. So I think I would like to see some more accountability from people who try to remain blameless in relationships and their falling out in addition to maintaining a healthy grasp on what real love is and what makes it work. …My TLDR; was TLDR. FML.

  2. FireMuncher

    Dave: I was thinking foreskin as well

    Jitterbug: what other movie critics do you follow, I only read ebert’s. 

    yoshi: classic yoshi…


  3. Aurochs

    Finally it is done!
    Has been an enjoyable series but I’m looking forward to hearing you guys chat about films that you don’t absolutely despise again!


    Firemuncher; that kid looks so chuffed with himself! As well you would! Brilliant :’)

  4. First off, we need some drama in the Flix corner of the site to get some views! Dave eats my penis cheese! Response?


    Second, I like AO Scott, although he has a tendency to be really unnecessarily harsh from time to time (and that’s coming from me!), but Michael Phillips is generally pretty good. Richard Roeper isn’t bad either.

  5. FireMuncher

    Jitterbug said
    First off, we need some drama in the Flix corner of the site to get some views! Dave eats my penis cheese! Response?


  6. FireMuncher said

    Jitterbug said
    First off, we need some drama in the Flix corner of the site to get some views! Dave eats my penis cheese! Response?




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