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Review: Soul Sacrifice

The mind behind Mega Man and Resident Evil has created a new IP for the Vita. Soul Sacrifice sets out on a handheld quest to become the Vita’s ‘killer app’.

Big Red Flix 64: ABCD Preconned All Over Me

This week Dave and Yoshifett are joined by Smelly Pirate to discuss, Mud, Arrested Development, ARGO, as well as trailers for Grown Ups 2, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Don Jon, The East and The Bling Ring.

Reasons Not To Buy The Xbox One

Somewhere in the midst of all the science and magic of the Xbox Reveal event last week, I came to the conclusion that Microsoft simply do not know what their consumers want, or more worryingly, do not care.

Big Red Barrelcast 13: The Xbox One Son

Dave, Kev and Pacman pontificate about the announcement of the Xbox One and that’s about it.

Preview: The Night of the Rabbit

I’m a newcomer to the world of point and click adventures having only really been introduced to the genre with Telltale’s The Walking Dead last year. The Night of the Rabbit is a much more old school affair, although not without it’s charm. The player takes charge of 12 year old Jeremiah ‘Jerry’ Hazelnut, whose […]

BRB Boom 47: Bumpin’ Bagels

This week, DogsDie, Smelly Pirate and Yoshifett nerd out about semi colons, Mormon Stories, basketball, Ken Burns, the Xbox One, Mormon porn, tattoos, bad song covers, and aging comedy.

Preview: Deadpool

“This is what awesome looks like!” I have seen what awesome looks like with my own hands…and eyes.

PLEASE HELP: David Dreger, AKA Knuckles Dawson, Reported Missing in Vancouver

PLEASE READ AND RE-POST/RETWEET – David Dreger has been reported missing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ode to Gaming Helpers

A hero is sometimes only as good as their sidekick, even if they only exist in their helmets. Where would Batman be without Alfred? How would Dr. Frankenstein manevuer around his lab without Egor? And what would Brian Botano do?

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