Event: International Table Top Day at Loading Bar – The After Shots.

Big Red Barrel were invited to host an event to mark International Table Top on Saturday March 30th 2013, as part of Loading Bar, London Soho’s launch weekend — which was also featuring a Bioshock Infinite event with screens showing the game, multiple consoles with the game playing and special Devil’s Kiss and Possession cocktails available.

But for our purposes, we were here for board and card games, with a selection already available in the bar and a selection of new and classic games that we bought along especially for the evening including; Catan, Ticket To Ride, King of Tokyo, Discworld: Ankh-Morpork, Jungle Speed, Gears of War and more!

Here’s how we got on. To the tables!


The event kicks off during the afternoon. Pictured: Upstairs, Bioshock Infinite available to play in the armchairs and a game of Resident Evil (card game) in the foreground.


Upstairs, Gears of War emerges!


Downstairs, Ticket To Ride was played throughout the afternoon and evening. And (not pictured) Bioshock Infinite available on multiple screens and with games of King of Tokyo played on the other table.


Card games were available throughout the day with people also bringing their own along for others to play.


The BAR part of Loading Bar. Top left, Loading owner, Jimmy hard at work!


Prizes were given to winners of board games throughout the the day, but in the later part of the evening we had a series of dice games of chance to give away the main pile of prizes (pictured right). Everyone who bought one of the Bioshock cocktails (there are two Devil’s Kisses ready to be set on fire in the picture) throughout the weekend were entered in a raffle with the chance of winning the Songbird Edition of Bioshock Infinite. Those in the know can also order a Big Red Barrel cocktail too!


Simple dice games can be captivating when there are prizes on the line!


Loading Bar. Cocktails and dice shakes.


One of the dice games finals get tense with a grand prize on the line!


First dice games winner and runner up with Mass Effect 3 prizes


Second set of dice game winner and runner up prizes. With the winner walking away with the grand prize of a Starcraft II – Heart of the Swarm: Collectors Edition!


A late night Texas hold-em poker tournament with the prize of a Rainbow Six Vegas poker set up for grabs.


Another happy winner on the left with his prizes, but this final round of dice games saw most (if not all) of the losers win prizes too. Also pictured in house Red, friend of the Barrel, Dipak who was assisting with our hosting duties for the evening.


A game of Resistance, played throughout the evening and night and one of the few games I had time to play twice, winning as a spy and losing as a member of the resistance. A fun game, even more so in large groups. “Trustworthy Martin” doesn’t look so happily trusted in the pictured game.


And what better way to end the night then with a BIG game of JENGAAAAAAAA!

All the board games were kindly supplied by Esdevium Games and will be staying, available free to play at Loading Bar from now on, feel free to pop down and try them out.

53 Rupert Street
The first person to find Jimmy (or John) behind the bar and say the secret phrase “Is this where the Jon Brady booook signing is happening?” can claim a prize of an exclusive Big Red Barrel Skin sticker kit for an Xbox 360 Slim and/or iPhone 4. (You are welcome to take both if you can use them, if not leave one for the next person 😉
Big thanks for the kindly supplied prizes to; Diablo Skinz, Blizzard, EA Games, Codemasters, SEGA and Capcom. Thanks to tabletopday.com for use of the International Table Top Day logo. And a BIG thanks to Will Edgecombe (@willedgecom_be) for the excellent photos.
To everyone that asked when the next event will be, I’ll say judging by how successful and enjoyable this event was, hopefully soon! Thanks to everyone that attended and if not, see you next time!

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  1. SolidJackal

    That Jenga picture looks so cool.

  2. Absolutely gutted that I missed out, I’ve been waiting for a BRB community event and when it happens I’m not in London. Next time then.

  3. flipip

    I need to get down there from the North-West one day for one of these gatherings of the UK BRB Community! Plus i could bring the board game Zombies along and its compatible opposite, Humans!

  4. StalkerB

    Who is the devilishly handsome guy playing Resident Evil deck building game and dealing the poker? More of him please 😉

    @flipip Zombies!!! is so bad (and I have them all, so I know), you played Zombicide or Last Night on Earth?

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