Big Red Barrelcast 6: Hulk Buster Junior

The Big Red Barrelcast returns! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and video game accessories.

This time, they ramble on about:

  • and get hacked
  • Fuse is still a thing
  • the always online Xbox Durango
  • Aliens Colonial Marines won’t be coming to the Wii U
  • Disney closed Lucas Arts
  • Infinite Crisis
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  • EA might be the worst company in America for the second straight year
  • Shout outs
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

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  1. daftchunk

    Another great show! keep it up guys.

  2. I still remember watching the trailers for Overstrike (now Fuse) and that Inglorious Basterds-style BIA game and thinking I liked the tone they were setting. I have heard practically nothing about either of them since. Looks like they are shoving it out the back door.

  3. Dangerous Brian

    Another gripping installment guys, Thanks for the shout out this week.

    I personally can’t wait for Metro: Last Light as I loved the original. I thought I’d try it after reading the book.

  4. SolidJackal

    I have a feeling Fuse might be a hidden gem. 

  5. Aurochs

    SolidJackal said
    I have a feeling Fuse might be a hidden gem. 

    Really, really well hidden?

    Serious shame about Star Wars 1313, though, that game looked like it could have been pretty awesome. Hopefully you’re right though and the license will be sold off and Battlefront 3 (or something very similar) will finally exist. I’d settle for some kind of battlefront 2 remake/upgrade with online support, frankly!

  6. BilboTeabaggins

    Well I feel a grand sense of entitlement (much like anyone who complained about the ME3 ending) with my shoutout this week. ;) But don’t worry PMPB, I’ll be banking next week’s podcast to listen to on my flight so I won’t be commenting on next weeks show thread. :P

    Aliens Colonial Marines and the Wii U prove the new adage that if you throw a turd at another turd nothing sticks and you just get a big mess.

    Farewell Lucas Arts. You shall be sorely missed by me. My experience with your Star Wars games were always that they were enjoyable offerings. It’s a shame as this means I’ll probably never get that Republic Commando 2…

    If anyone other than Bank of America “win” it’s a damn shame.

    Oh and on your shock and horror about people paying $600 dollars for an item on League. Someone sold an Unusual quality Golden Baby Roshan courier on DotA2 for about $1500. 

  7. DeanBiddler

    I didn’t know Dave was a fan of The Crabfeast. You all should check it out, it is a funny story telling podcast. Also recommend to you Dave Your Mom’s House podcast, you may like it. F\*\*\* the Big Red Barrel! 5 stars! (err barrels)

  8. sheezcrafty

    Now that I’ve caught up to all your nonsense, here’s a few thoughts:

    • The theme song is awesome!!!!
    • Good to have PacManPolarBear back (hope you’re feeling OK)
    • Enjoying it so far.
  9. BilboTeabaggins

    Oh and I may have missed it said at some point but who does the singing in the intro?

  10. ^ Kev is actually the one who created our amazing intro.

  11. BilboTeabaggins

    Kev, you’re good at stuff and should feel good.

  12. Yoshifett

    But those harmonies at the beginning of the episode, tho

    I would be absolutely shocked if a) The Xbox 720 ends up being called the Durango and b) that the “Durango” will truly be always online. If it is, I’m going to go Sony exclusively.

    I pay full price for live because I’m a highly paid public school teacher. (Also, I’m super lazy.)

    DUDE I TOTALLY GOT A SHOUTOUT FROM PACMAN!!! thumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumbthumb

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