WIN! A Copy of Tomb Raider for Xbox 360 Thanks to Ladbrokes

If you are a UK resident aged over 18 years old, then you could win a copy of the excellent Tomb Raider for Xbox 360, courtesy of the fine people from Ladbrokes.

To help celebrate the launch of their brand new Tomb Raider slot reels, Ladbrokes are offering one lucky winner the chance to walk (or possibly zipline) away with a brand new shiny retail copy of the game. All you have to do is answer the questions below, by responding to this article with a front page or forum comment that displays your answer.

N.B: Please note because this game has a PEGI certificate rating of 18 years or older and is a PAL copy of the game, this contest is strictly restricted to UK based residents over the age of 18. Anyone entering who does not meet that criteria will be automatically disqualified and please do not be offended if some form of ID (solely for proof of age) is requested prior to the game being sent.


All you need to do to enter is to answer two questions. One is a qualifying “Discovery” quest and the other is a “Survival” tie-breaker. You need to provide an answer to both questions, but multiple entries for the tie-breaker are permissible. All entries must be received by 12 midnight (GMT) on Tuesday 27th March. Note that all other Standard Terms and Conditions for Contests and Competitions apply and can be viewed in detail here.

Discovery Quest: Describe one of the symbols found on the reels of the Tomb Raider slots game.

Survival Quest: Who would you choose to fight by your side if you had to gamble on three videogame characters to help you survive being shipwrecked on a mysterious island of demented men?

The answer to the first should be easy to see when loading up the Ladbrokes Tomb Raider slots game – which is worth noting can be played for free if you just want to play for fun. The answer to the second question should be somewhere in your brain (but neither BRB or Ladbrokes can be held responsible if this is not the case) Preference will be given to original answers to the Discovery quest and extra points/kudos given to answers to the Survival Quest that are funny and well thought out.

Please note that does not in anyway condone gambling and urges anyone looking at doing so to examine Ladbroke’s advice on responsible gambling.

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  1. Smashsoul

    Ah, I approve of this competition, Tim!

    Discovery Quest: One of the symbols is a tiger, the most majestic of all the creatures!

    Survival Quest: As for characters I would have with me… Solid Snake is a no brainer right there, he’s the perfect example of a survivor (Besides Lara that is!), being able to use his surroundings and scavenge food from nothing. I’d also bring Sam Fisher, so I could borrow his night vision goggles in the dead of night, also his whistling skills will come in handy trying to distract people. Finally, I think I’ll settle on Connor Kenway. Expert at navigating through the environment swiftly and silently!

  2. Dangerous Brian

    Ok, I’ll give this a go.

    Discovery Quest:
    A golden Idol sat cross-legged

    Survival Quest:
    Mordecai off Borderlands. Stealthy, great at range and good at killing. Extensive weapons training.
    Barret Wallace off Final Fantasy 7. He has heavy fire power and is strong too. He never runs out of bullets. Can effectively lead a group. He is also cool.
    Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson off GTA San Andreas. Not afraid to get his hands dirty doing what needs done. Also very good at most things he tries.

  3. SolidJackal

    Does Canada count? We still have the queen on our money.

  4. cynicalmonkey

    Discovery quest- one of the symbols is Lara herself

    Survival quest – well my first two would be one of the scientists from splosion man because they turn into pre cut and packaged portions of meat when they die and the GF Alexander from final fantasy 8 who can ressurect party members, I would then use the two together to generate an endless cycle of meat. I would use my final pick on Ellis from left 4 dead 2, dude has like a thousand stories. Then we just find a cave on the other side of the island and leave those demented men alone to do whatever while we feast on Meat and good stories

  5. Don't tell 'Em Pike

    Why not have a go?

    Discovery- Picture of a tiger with electric green eyes with an assured primal grin on his face, just look at him! Badass balck stripes and claws that tear up steel.

    Survival- First up NATHAN DRAKE. That’s what he does right? He could open doors for us that have the lever in obscure places on rock shelves. He kills loads of deranged people…well! He would be pretty good company, good banter. He discovers treasure, we get home and we’re loaded, awesome!

    Next I’d take Kratos. He is such a badass, blades of olympus versus lunatics? Easy stuff! Only thing I would say is that Kratos has a bit of an anger issue, and to be honest who’s going to set him off but wise-cracking Nathan Drake? However, should Kratos turn into a vortex of anger(could happen) then just give him a shove in the right direction and you know watch it go boom (bit like Cole Macgrath’s ionic vortex). Also Kratos generates health orbs when he kills people so that would keep our well-being going.

    Finally I would take Connor Kenway. Basically he grew up in the wild, breathes it, eats it, talks it. He could help us build huts and bows and how to catch food: snares etc. He ain’t much of a talker but I think I would be getting my talking fix from Drake and Kratos arguing. he can climb trees incredibly swiftly and fluidly. Also we might need to do reconaissance on the enemy camps and stealth is required (Kratos exits stage left). Who better than Connor, trained assassin? Also we will need to eventually get off the island. Connor can repair ships in 10 minutes of cutscene it would seem. He also is a thumping good sea-captain with much experience.

    Three great guys who are all very battle/survival/entertainment ready. We’d have a jolly time!

  6. 1: One of the tiles is a tiger that looks like its either going to pounce or is moving backwards. Possibly due to some kind of fish related scare. Who knows.

    2: I’d pick someone tough and yet funny at the same time: EARTHWORM JIM. No, wait. That was silly. I’d really pick Samus Aran due to her ability to survive in the harshest of territories, Big Boss for a similar reason (though also because of his knowledge on how to eat anything with a heartbeat, which could be useful), and finally Wakka from FFX, because the comedy relief always dies first buying me precious time.

  7. Byzantine12345

    Discovery – One of the symbols is Lara

    Survival – Got to be Vaas from Far Cry 3 as a start cause he’s pretty much insane and will kill anything that looks at him funny. Fat Princess could also be epic if she starts eating the opposition (although hopefully she wont eat Vaas) and Clank so everyone can lol at him and use him as target practice.

  8. Princess Sparkles

    Discovery: Lara with crossed pistols

    Survival: Darth Vader from Lego Star Wars, because he’s Darth Vader. Zeratul (a dark templar from StarCraft), cos he’s hard! Does a Ferrari on the Top Gear test track from GT5 count, because the sheer level of testosterone will distract all of the demented men????


    • Actually, let’s go with Darth Vader from Lego Star Wars II – he’s Darth Vader; Sackboy from LBP – he has a hat that fires cake; and a Ferrari on the Top Gear test track – for the sheep level of testosterone

      A much better selection 🙂


  9. Smashsoul

    Congrats! =D

    I actually picked up Tomb Raider when it was on sale for £25 at the weekend anyway, so if I had won I wouldn’t have accepted it. =]

    At least I get to play it too!

  10. Dangerous Brian

    It was a good answer, we’ll done sir.

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