Big Red Barrelcast 2: Sim City’s Incredible Crisis

Welcome to the sophomore episode of the Big Red Barrelcast! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and sometimes Star Trek!

This time, they ramble on about:

  • Kev’s Sony rant
  • Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake
  • Shadow Run Returns and so does Thief!
  • The first Steam box has seen the light of day
  • Tropes Vs. Women
  • Sim City’s fails
  • Shout outs
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

We’d love to give you all some sort of incredible hug immediately followed by a polite conversation about how cool you are, but frankly we can’t afford the travel expenses. So, while we save our pennies, cents, and whatever the heck Canadians use, we’ll offer you some download links to help bide the time. Subscribe here. Here’s the RSS feed.  Leave an iTunes review here. Download the mp3 here.

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    Sim city was a game I was going to buy on day one. I was picked for the beta but because I have the worlds worst Internet (try living in rural Derbyshire) I unfortunately couldn’t download it in time and trial it. This didn’t put me off though, I was going to play this. Then release day came and for some reason, I didn’t buy it, I don’t know why but I didn’t. Best decision I ever made subconsciously.

    Great show peeps. Roll on the next one.

  2. Hey, I’m digging the new headline podcast!

    Very nice opening music, too. I’m proud to own the app… sadly, I can’t do anything but listen to the bonus content on my devices…(no multitasking with my web browser for lookups – for richard garriot’s kickstarter.

    That said, I’m loving the show, and cheers!

  3. gfreeman

    Great show, I agree that you know you messed up when your launch is worse than a mmorpg. Glad to have another podcast to listen to 😀

  4. I think it’s more than likely that someone will find a way to mod/hack SimCity so it can be played offline. When it appeared a great deal was done via cloud or outside source that was one thing. But it now looks like most of the always online setup is built around superfluous shit we don’t really need; ie achievements, chat, stat tracking, region sync when playing with others, cloud saves, leaderboards etc. The hard number crunching is still being done locally. Whats really disgusting is pretty much everything they have toed to an always online setup could still have been done in this thing other games call “multiplayer” and still easily have left an offline option. Their claims that their vision of the game made them go always online is double speak stupidity. Not one thing they have stated explains why an offline mode was not available. It’s because of piracy and and other pressures, but they can’t cop to that.

  5. blades144

    Great show guys! Loved it! I don’t know if I like the fact that I saw Incredible Crisis now or not after seeing it on YouTube. I am strangely drawn to want this game remade or ported.

    Side note for all of you who have to endure Windows 8? Two words “Classic Shell”. It may keep you from throwing your PC or kicking it.

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