Sony To Reveal PlayStation 4 – Liveblog

The day is finally here! The future has arrived!

Sony are all set to announce something this evening and half the world is already predicting that it will be the first unveiling of the PS4. You can see the whole event livestreamed in the panel just below and you can read our reactions as they happen, as we liveblog the event below. You can also add comments yourself just below that.

Video streaming by Ustream

Starting Times;

Liveblogging preamble from: 10pm (GMT) 5pm (EST)

Livestream due to start: 10.30pm (GMT) 5.30pm (EST)

Event Starts: 11pm (GMT) 6pm (EST)

So, we will be there with you from start to finish to see if your wild, crazy predictions came true! Or there to throw an arm of comfort around you if it turns out to be the Vita Slim or Home 2.0.


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  1. The_Toaster

    My prediction, no ps4, just new vita colours 🙂

  2. mophead

    ^^ Sony are just that stupid enough to do it ^^

  3. hapcollins

    Multiple predictions for multiple entries. I need some new stuff.

    1. The vita is the controller so everyone has to buy one if they want to play with the new system.

    2. Games will have security features where they will only work on 5 different systems before being locked out.

    3. Most games will be available to the all new super plus members as streaming only and will cost 19.99 a month

    4. Sony will announce a super tv that is a gaming system, media, all in one device with the vita as its mega remote control.

    5. And finally the new camera literally sucks your soul and puts you in games where if you die in the game, well you know. . .

  4. SolidJackal

    Pretty sure they said they would do a special blu show because of this event.

  5. Smashsoul

    I’m fully expecting Kaz Hirai to walk on to the sound of “trollolol” before swiftly exiting stage left.

  6. mran6ry

    Prediction, 95% blather 5% actual footage. Cue fmv, music, old characters, ratchet and #ank……56

  7. I predict Tim won’t say anything remotely funny in the liveblog. He never does.

  8. Smashsoul

    Double post because I’m a rebel. Something about PlayStation cloud based storage or gaming is sure to come up in this meeting.

  9. Smashsoul

    A sequel to Genji: Days of the Blade. More giant enemy crabs, more attacking weak points for massive damage.

  10. mophead

    Top Platform For Netflix. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA nice touch sony

  11. TardyMoments

    Looking good 🙂

  12. mophead

    LOL IGN’s site is down.

  13. mophead

    Going alright so far. Controllers ugly, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get over it.

  14. FireMuncher

    I’m here for the gangbang

  15. TardyMoments

    Princess Of Persia?

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