BRB: The Next Generation

It is with great pleasure I introduce three new writers joining the site today, as well as catching you up with the two additions we made just before that.

They are joining us at an exciting time for BRB, with some changes on the way and this new BRB rabble will be part of the new force helping to deliver some of those changes. We hope you like what you see and I hope you will join me in extending a very warm Red Barrel welcome to these worthy additions.

Lauren is a rather lovely experienced blogger, Oli Smith works in the games industry and is a published author and Diarmuid (he’ll probably thank me for saying; pronounced Dear-med) I am very proud to say is the first member of the BRB community promoted to staff – after some great work in the BRB Community Showcase. And you may have already encountered their work already, but Sarah is an awesome gamer with a passion for WoW and MMOre, and Vincent is so nice we have nearly forgiven him for being Canadian.

Enough of me waffling on, I let them introduce themselves — With the assistance of a set of insightful, devilishly fiendish questions designed to burrow deep into their gaming soul and expose their inner glitches.


Lauren @LozzimusPrime

Who the hell are you?
Ok, I’m Lauren. I love reading, zombies, tattoos, cute things and HUGE fan of Muse. Got a Muse tat last year, that’s how bad I am lol.

What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
RPGs are my fav genre by far. Point and Click follow close behind! Secret of Monkey Island and Final Fantasy VIII are my favourites ^_____^

Most importantly, what is your favourite type of barrel?
My favourite type of barrel is RED 😀 and if filled with sambuca, Lauren is a happy bunny!


Oli Smith @IdleOli

Who the hell are you?
I’m a games writer and producer, qualified science geek and between those two things I spent a couple of years writing sci-fi books for Doctor Who (I don’t know how big that TV show is in the states, but I like it). I’m also experimenting with designing card games, which has turned out to be a whole heap of hard.
What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
I’m a big fan of strategy. Alpha Centauri and the browser epic Neptune’s Pride providing some of the most emotionally draining experiences of my gaming life. I’m also big on the big shooters. And Alpha Protocol, I love Alpha Protocol.
What is your favourite type of barrel?
Those ones in Knights of the Old Republic. With the tops that go ‘peeshunk’.


Diarmuid @Diarmuid_S

Who the hell are you?
Well, I’m an Irishman living in London (I’ve already let you down haven’t I?) for the past five years. I’ve been an avid gamer since I was five and grew from there into the nerd you don’t know and don’t love today. I’m also into movies and books.
What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
Super Mario World was the first game I played and I probably couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to gaming. But the game that turned this hobby into an obsession was Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation. Hence my original username on BRB, Otacon.
What is your favourite sort of Barrel?
I like my barrels big and red… like my bal… I really need to get those looked at.
Sarah @pikapies
Who the hell are you?
I feel like I’m writing a profile for a dating site. UGH.
Hello! I’m Sarah and, as well as video games, I’m a little bit obsessed with tattoos, heavy metal and books.
What are your favourite games or gaming genres?
I was brought up on Final Fantasy, Zelda and Pokemon, and I’ve been an avid WoW player for the past four years. Basically, if it has skill trees and/or dragons, I’m happy.
Is your favourite sort of Barrel, what?
The ones which are full of delicious cider.
Vincent @WackoSpecialist
Who the hell are you?
Hi, I’m Vincent. I do this thing where I write about video games for a video game website called I’m also Canadian so Tim Horton’s coffee flows through my body (naturally) and I spent many of my childhood years playing ice hockey.
What are you favourite games or gaming genres? 
Castlevania: Symphony of The Night, Tomba 2, Spyro: Year of The Dragon, Age of Empires 2, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. 
Favourite sort of Barrel, what?
A barrel of monkeys, duh!
And that is our new Barrel of monkeys. Be sure to say hello below!

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  1. Glad to hear there’s new barrels rolling out onto the scene. Different personalities, different gaming backgrounds, and different outlooks to the gaming scene as a whole (and even a game designer/writer, which is really cool) so looking forward to how it goes for everyone. Though I do have to raise an eyebrow to Vincent. Year of the Dragon? Spyro 3? I 100%ed that game in a day…if I still had it, could probably speedrun it then throw up afterwards, turned me off Spyro for good. Surprised that’s on anyone’s list, but meh.

    Anyways, have barrels of fun, you guys and gals! I’m going back to the rest of the internet to lurk more…or something.

    • Hell yeah, Spyro: Year of The Dragon! It had all the other characters you could play as. You got to beat up the money bear. YOU COULD SKATEBOARD!!!!!. I don’t think I need to say anymore… It is an incredibly easy and short game though.

  2. SolidJackal

    Good to see more people join the staff as well as someone from the community. ALSO YAY another staff member from Canada =D (sooner or later we Canadians we take over the site)

    • Through use of sweet talking or by the long end of our hockey sticks, we will conquer! FREEDOM! HEALTH CARE! PROVINTOAL ELECTIONS!!!

  3. Lauren

    Yay 😀 Glad to be part of an amazing team with such lovely gaming people ^_____________^
    Does this mean Im Will Wheaton or Sir Patrick Stewart?

  4. Vincent

    I’m surprised nobody has picked on me for having a Dragon Ball Z game on my list yet…

  5. FireMuncher

    Hello all. I’ll be watching you, so no funny buisiness. FireMuncher Over and Out

  6. Hope to hear them as guests on the podcast some day.

  7. shakysnake

    Hearty Congratulations to the new writers 🙂

    and we are Growing !

  8. Ridcullys Hat

    Welcome to all you new barrel writers!

  9. Vincent, if you are reading this, you are not playing Mass Effect 3 and I am very disappointed in you. Also, your bacon sucks in Canada. ‘MERICA!

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