Big Red Flix 53: Back To The Future (Part 2)


The crew didn’t get very far in part 1 (they’re still stuck in 1985), but 1955 looms on the horizon as the Back To The Future BKR continues. Join Dave, Jitterbug, and Yoshifett and listen as they get side-tracked, like always, by accusations of Chris Nolan hate and the science of time travel — among other things — making this a 4 part BKR. Check back on BRB next week for part 3!

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  1. zombiesauerkraut

    Marty glances at the time console several times and doesn’t even flinch as the Delorean speeds on a collision course with the booth. As Marty rounds up from 88 miles an hour when he says, “Let’s see if you suckers can do 90”, to me this seemed an emphasis of his intentions to travel through time, rather than a confutation. With all the info they’ve just given us (and Marty) about the Delorean’s capabilities, it seems implausible that they’d want us to believe that he has no clue of what’s about to happen. I don’t see anything remotely plothole-ish about this scene.

    No offense to Yoshi or any who think that the many-worlds theory holds any merit (since this whole field is still completely theoretical), but it’s just always struck me as a lazy man’s way to explain away all the apparent paradoxes that come with quantum theory in one shot. In 50 years, I’m quite confident that new insights will allow us to fill in all the gaps individually, without having to resort to some all-encompassing psuedo law. For the sake of practicality, time travel can really only be comprehensibly displayed as the creation of a parallel time line, as has been done repeatedly by Hollywood. Personally, I don’t believe that time is as linear and tangible as it would need to be for time travel to be possible. But if we’re assuming it IS possible, then I’d still say that it would not allow any alteration of existing events because the moment of time travel would already belong to the history of the universe as well. So you can go back in time and try to kill your own father, but you would always fail, because even before present-you was born, the event in which you failed to kill your father had already taken place and was already part of history. Because after all, if you could kill yourself before you were born, you could never exist to go back and kill yourself before you were born.

    Of course, debating the scientific integrity of a story that makes use of such a blatantly fictive premise is a pointless exercise. For such an excellent movie that does a great job of remaining coherent where others would not, these grievances seem petty.

    “Ronald Reagan?…The ACTOR?!!!” Favorite line of the whole trilogy :)

    Good show, guys. Cheers!

  2. Yoshifett

    Well, I certainly didn’t come up with the concept of the multiverse, but it’s pretty interesting and there are plenty of very respected physicists who think it has quite a bit of merit given the information we have now. But that’s how science works, right? You don’t get it right the first time, you keep working with the theories you have until they make coherent sense. David Deutsch’s book “The Fabric of Reality” is a facisnating and informative read on the subject if you’re so inclined. I certainly don’t know enough about the grunt work involved in detangling the various mathmatical issues facing scientists who study the universe, but I certainly found many of his arguments to be compelling.

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