Big Red Flix 46: Needs More Tom Hardy

Welcome back for another episode of Big Red Flix,’s movie podcast. This week Dave and Yoshifett are joined by Kev to discuss the best film trilogy, The Hobbit, The Watch, Chernobyl Diaries, Lock Out, Lawless, as well as trailers for Scary Movie 5, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Lone Ranger. There’s bonus content for all BRB podcast app users.

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  1. Why, for all that is holy, did no one mention Nolan’s Batman movies (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises) for best trilogy ever?!

  2. Because if anyone were to bring up The Dark Knight Rises as a competent movie I would rip them to shreds. It’s passable, but it is neither as good as the first two, nor critically ‘good’.

    • You are wrong of course, if only for that first fight between Batman and Bain which was awesome and probably the best fight in film history. You could feel Batmans desperation, great acting and great action

      • Well, someone is prone to hyperbole.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think that fight scene is great, possibly the best part of the whole movie, in fact. But it no way makes up for the cavalcade of other problems the film has.

        I have watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight numerous times because they’re genuinely enjoyable, well-designed movies, but Rises is a stain on that trilogy. I suspected it after watching it once, and solidified my opinion upon a second viewing. I almost didn’t even go back for a second viewing, but I was convinced at the time that I must’ve missed something really important that ties everything together neatly. That was not the case, as it turns out.

        I still think it’s a passable watch, but it is very much that trilogy’s Return Of The Jedi.

        • Im on the internet, hyperbole is what I breathe!

          Frankly I don’t agree at all with you, I think rises is a brilliant climax to a brilliant trilogy. I think you must be my film negative because I think the back to the future trilogy is poor as well. I liked the first film but I was bored by the next two. Maybe I should go back and give them another go, but I really am not inclined.

          Anyway dispite disagreeing with you on most of your opinions I enjoyed you on the podcast and hope to disagree with you again in future podcasts!

          • If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s having people disagree with me 😉

            Hopefully I’ll be back on at some point to make outrageous statements again at some point in the future.

  3. Batman and Robin gets no love?

  4. hillaire

    Nearly Jitterbug but the correct order is:

    1) The Dark Knight

    2) Batman (1989)

    3) The Dark Knight Rises

    4) Batman Begins

    5) Batman Returns

    It is known.

  5. Providence

    Toy Story is a stupid stupid trilogy. The premise is simply idiotic. Toys have sentience, intelligence, hopes and dreams. And an intelligent being’s dream is to be a slave of human children? To pretend they can’t speak or think and have humans just play with them their whole lives? Ridiculous, stupid, I didn’t buy it for a minute. I would have been fine had the toys been trying to escape the humans and live their lives in peace somewhere and they are playing dumb to bide their time (eg. Chicken Run) but the fact that they never come out and say “Hey everyone, we are living, thinking, feeling creatures that want to live in harmony and maybe get played with a bit” makes me mad. So Toy Story gtfo, just sayin

  6. Providence

    Back to the Future has a pretty bad sense of time travel but and 3 was pretty lame but as movies yes very entertaining.

    Best Trilogies though are as follows:

    -Bourne Trilogy (3 action films with no bullshit and no bad eggs that ruin the other 2, only problem was that supremacy had unnecessarily shaky cam during non-action scenes)
    -Godfather Trilogy (People complain about 3 but watch that one by itself and realize it is a slow and purposefully depressing conclusion to a near perfect set of films)
    -The Naked Gun Trilogy (Funny as hell)

    And as a last note: The one thing Kev liked about the Hobbit (Goblin King scenes) were the worst looking crap in the whole movie. When the dwarves are running across those wooden scaffolds and fighting the goblins and falling stupidly far on wood uninjured was terribly made, painful to the eyes and the CGI took me so far out of the movie that I found myself in the parking lot. Just sayin

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