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Battlefield 3 – End Game DLC Trailer

Out in March, the last DLC pack in the Battlefield 3 puzzle. Featuring the super nimble dirtbikes, a new capture the flag gamemode, and brand new Air Superiority for huge dogfights.

Killzone Mercenary – Gameplay Trailer

Use tactics, stealth and brute force to fight to your objectives, kill all those who oppose you, and get rewarded along the way with bonuses, weapons and most importantly, money.

Tearaway – Sogport Trailer

A brand new trailer for the latest from Media Molecule, featuring the reveal of the playable character, atoi.

Big Red Flix 49: Black Dynamite (Part 2)

It’s time once again to make your mouse go clicks, so you can download and listen to BRB Flix! Dave, Jitterbug, and Yoshifett are still discussing the wonderful blacksploitation satire, Black Dynamite.

Call of Duty: Black Op 2 – Revolution DLC Trailer

Featuring four brand new multiplayer maps, a brand new zombies map, an exclusive weapon and a new zombie game mode where you play as the infected, the Revolution DLC is packed with everything you need to keep your Black Ops fresh. And it’s available now on Xbox 360, with other platforms to follow.

Dokuro Launch Trailer

The new side-scrolling puzzle adventure for the PS Vita launches tomorrow. Save the princess, and navigate some treacherous obstacles, taking on the villains of the charming castle setting.

THQ Sale Does Not Add Up Without Koch

You may have heard me mention this in passing when I realised this while recording last week’s podcast, but factors of the recent THQ auction seem to not make much sense.

Cartoon: The (Un)Interesting Life…Middle Age Spread…

With the amount of content that gets released for games these days you need to understand the difference between DLC and an Expansion pack. Horse Armour: DLC. Totally new map and shiny swords…DLC no wait…expansion! See that’s why you need this explained…

BRB UK 46: Touch-Acuated Breastage

Ahoy hoy! Once again, we’ve lost Jon to the ever-exciting world of auditing jam, so join Dan, Tim and special guest Mat as they attempt to navigate around the week’s gaming news.

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